How can’t use existing tools machining special groove structure?

In parts of the car wheel groove structure, for example, through the cutting tool graphics CAD drawing forming, set up in the Mastercam software tool, and USES the virtual machining line instead of actual processing line of groove parts turning processing;Finally finished part for the cutting plane three-dimensional scanning, processing results conform to the requirements of the model was verified.
& have spentMastercam is modern processing technology is a kind of commonly used software, it can not only create different processing methods under the standard tools, also for customers with custom tool creation way, convenient for the user according to the special requirements of work piece to create the corresponding cutting tools.In this paper, according to the requirements of the groove structure characteristics, and processed, created the forming cutter, through virtual machining line edit program, processed and verified.
& have spent1. The cutter figure drawn
& have spentAs shown in figure 1, wait for processing structure by R0.5 mm, R14mm arc and straight line 1 mm wide, if you are using a standard cutting tool processing, can only choose on both ends of the blade with arc R0.5 mm, straight line length is 1 mm, 2 mm width of the blade as a whole is the standard blade, but the blade strength is not enough, easy to damage.Combined with groove structure (see figure 1), therefore, we design a forming cutting blades, the blade cutting edge upper part forming in the groove structure R0.5 mm and 1 mm straight, the lower part is R3mm arc;In the machining process, the first half of the blade to ensure that the groove R0.5 mm and 1 mm linear modelling, the second part of turning other parts, at the same time the total blade width is 4.5 mm, can increase the whole strength of the blade.Create tool section in the CAD graphics, as shown in figure 2, and saves the file as a DWG file format.
& have spentFigure 1 a groove structure
& have spentFigure 2 forming cutting tool & have spent2. Create a tool
& have spentMastercam users can customize the cutter, but required cutting tool pattern cutter bar and the blade in a 2 d figure are located in different layers, and the tool holder and the blade must be different colors.First open the saved with Mastercam good DWG format graphical tool, as shown in figure 3 R0.5 mm circular arc of the circle as the reference point tool moving to the origin, and then to save cutter graphics for MCX file format.
& have spentFigure 3 MCX format tool
& have spentChoose in lathe processing mode, the tool management & rarr;Right-click the new cutting tool, cutting tool type choose custom, under the graphics menu, save good MCX file to import, defined as grooving cutting tool form.Mastercam provides only the single arc radius and the arc center set up, aiming at forming cutting tool can’t identify the blade width, so the blade can only choose to R0.5 mm or R3mm single circular definition, this article R0.5 mm circular arc, for example to create and save to library of tools, cutting tools list as shown in figure 4.
& have spent

& have spent

& have spentFigure 4 generating tool list

have spent3. Make virtual machining line
& have spentDue to cutting tool defines the arc radius and center R 0.5 mm, so when programming need to develop the virtual machining line with single arc turning R0.5 mm instead of turning the actual processing line of forming tools.Single arc R0.5 mm and R3mm both 2.5 mm from actual machining center, so the actual R3mm arc machining parts of the processing line to offset the 2.5 mm, then upward along the Y-axis translation 1 mm (the actual blade between two circular arc in the Y direction is 1 mm spacing), along the X axis of 2.5 mm to the right translation, with the original R0.5 mm tangent arc machining parts again, connection formation in R0.5 mm arc processing of virtual machining line, as shown in figure 5 arrows of the dotted line.
& have spent4. Select machining path, the generated code
& have spentIn turning mode, virtual machining line of route choice as shown in figure 5, choose to create a good cutting knife, the machining process simulation is shown in figure 6, generation processing G code is as follows:
& have spentFigure 5 virtual machining line & have spentN316 G0 Z143.3895
& have spentN318 X459.4
& have spentN320 G3 X455.4 Z145.3895 I0. K2.
& have spentN322 G1 Z147.0803
& have spentN324 G3 X459.8 Z153.6803 I11. K0.
& have spentN326 X461.4 Z154.0803 i. 8 K – 6
& have spentN328 G1 Z153.0803
& have spentN330 G2 X463.4 Z152.0803 I1. K0.
& have spentN332 G1 X475.9858
& have spent5. Verify the processing effect of
& have spentTo make cutting plane processed grooves parts, and use the three-dimensional scan cutting cross section, and compared with the original molding line, as shown in figure 7.After comparison, the processing of profile modeling conform to the requirements of the original model.
& have spentFigure 6 processing
& have spentFigure 7 groove part contrast test & have spent doing the cutting plane6. Conclusion
& have spentWith the diversification of modern mechanical structure, the specific structure of the forming tool processing is important means to ensure that products comply with the design of the original.In the light of the special groove can’t use the existing tooling structure, forming cutting tools are designed, and according to its processing, finished the processing procedure of the editor, for the forming cutting tool in the application of modern processing technology provides a solution.
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