How should numerical control lathe undertake maintenance in day-to-day operation?

The maintenance of system of 1. numerical control
(1) abide by strictly operating rules and maintain a system daily
(2) the door that should open numerical control ark and strong report ark less as far as possible is in machine general metropolis has oily mist, dirt in the air of job shops even the metal is pulverous, once they fall inside numerical control system on circuit board or electronic parts, cause yuan of insulation resistance between parts of an apparatus easily to drop, bring about yuan of parts of an apparatus to reach circuit board attaint even. Some users are in summer to make numerical control system can excess load works for a long time, adopt the door that opens numerical control ark to come loose hot, this is a kind of method that cannot take extremely, its bring about the acceleration of numerical control system finally to damage.
(3) time sweep numerical control ark medicinal powder each cooling fan jobs that heat up ventilated system to should check numerical control ark to go up are regular. Every half an year or every quarter check air channel filter to whether have jam phenomenon, if the dirt on screen pack is accumulative too much, clear not in time, can cause the temperature inside numerical control ark exorbitant.
(4) the input of numerical control system / safeguard of take-off regularly
(5) the regular examination of dc motive brush and change dc moves what Electromechanical brushs to transfer wear away, can affect the performance of electromotor, cause the damage of electromotor even. For this, answer electromotor brush to undertake be checked regularly and changing. Milling machine of numerical control lathe, numerical control, machining center, answer to be checked every year.
(6) change regularly memory uses cell to CMOSRAM memory parts of an apparatus is set inside system of ordinary numerical control can fill batteries to maintain circuit, with making sure the system is different electric parts of an apparatus can maintain the content of its memory. Be in usually, even if have not invalidation, also answer to change every year, in order to ensure the system works normally. Of batteries change should undertake below condition of power supply of numerical control system, the information inside the RAM when changing in case is missing.
(7) reserve the maintenance of circuit board is spare printed circuit board long-term need not when, the electrify in answering to install numerical control system regularly runs period of time, damage in case.
2. The maintenance of mechanical component
(1) advocate the rate of degree of tightness that the maintenance of transmission catenary adjusts main shaft drive to take regularly, prevent to turn because of taking what boast causes to lose phenomenon; The constant temperature mailbox with examination lubricant main shaft, adjust temperature limits, seasonable complement oil is measured, clean filter its; After plant of clamp of the cutting tool in main shaft is used for long, can produce gap, affect the clamp of cutting tool, need to adjust the displacement amount of piston of hydraulic pressure crock in time.
(2) deputy maintenance checks whorl of ball guide screw regularly, adjust guide screw whorl deputy axial clearance, assure retrorse drive precision and axial stiffness; Whether does the link that checks guide screw and lathe bed regularly have become loose; Guide screw guard has attaint to want to change in time, in case dirt or cut bits to enter.
(3) knife library and the maintenance of the manipulator that change a knife are forbidden overweight, the cutting tool of train in excess specified length loads knife library, collision of knife or cutting tool and workpiece, clamping apparatus happening is dropped in order to avoid when manipulator changes a knife; A zero place that often checks knife library is proper, main shaft of examination machine tool answers position of the spot that change a knife to whether reach the designated position, adjust in time; When switching on the mobile phone, should make knife library and manipulator sky move, it is normal that the examination works partly each, especially each journey switch and electromagnetism a powerful person whether run normally; Examination cutting tool is tightened in manipulator lock reliable, discovery should be handled in time out of order.
3. Hydraulic pressure, baric system is safeguarded the filter of lubricant to each, hydraulic pressure, baric system or cent mesh undertake cleaning or change regularly; Undertake to hydraulic pressure system oleaginous assay examination is mixed regularly change hydraulic pressure is oily; Divide colander to turn on the water to baric system regularly
4. Machine tool precision is safeguarded undertake machine tool level and mechanical precision are checked regularly corrective.

The method of correction of mechanical precision has soft hard two kinds. Its are soft the method is to pass systematic parameter compensation, like guide screw backlash fixed position of compensation, each coordinate, precision decides countervail of have a snack to stave off hunger, machine tool to answer reference point position corrective etc; Good method wants to undertake when the machine tool heavies repair commonly, if have guide,repair blow, nut of ball guide screw deputy tighten beforehand adjust backlash to wait.