Industry “cafe” among thumb up: changzhou wide prospect of industrial robot

in recent years, changzhou intelligent numerical control and robot industry has developed rapidly, industry scale expands unceasingly, causes the domestic industry.2016 in changzhou changzhou recently. Yangtze river delta smart summit and completely robot industry fair, more than 10 experts and scholars from all over the country, the industry outlook is discussed.

the summit higher-ups, how to make the industrial chain from the application demand reversed transmission wisdom the overall level of ascension, the robot industry a golden opportunity to issue whether coming?Around these themes, Chinese academy of engineering jian-rong tan, high industry institute, jack zhang and other experts and scholars, as well as the robotics industry executives talked for discussion, for the development of robot industry in changzhou and even the whole country, set up a high-level dialogue platform.Many of the industrial robot & other;Higher-ups & throughout;Why did you choose in changzhou & other;Among & throughout;?

high industry research institute director Dr Jack zhang said: & other;Robot industry this year has gone beyond the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta has become China’s highest proportion of area, in the Yangtze river delta, changzhou has become the center of the manufacturing sector.The Yangtze river delta smart meeting here, we focus on is mainly around the related enterprises, the world’s four big families of enterprise, to the best of the domestic robot from ontology, the core parts, to system integration, to changzhou manufacturing enterprises for docking, the collision sparks from them at all.Throughout the &;

in recent years, through & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Come & other;Attrition, efficiency, quality & throughout;, and is becoming a traditional manufacturing companies move smart manufacturing & otherGolden key & throughout;.And changzhou emerging as a robot industry agglomeration, a group of companies is to seize the opportunity, rob building intelligent manufacture new height, has initially formed wujin district intelligent robots, new north district sensor characteristic industrial cluster areas.

industrial park is located in changzhou wujin high-tech zone within the robot, has gathered the 58 robot and intelligent nc industry chain enterprises above designated size, including yaskawa, money jiing rehabilitation, stone robots, robot, bot, a batch of robot core components, such as unit product manufacturing and system integration of leading enterprises.Industrial park, meanwhile, also cultivate the platform to build a batch of robot technology research and development, formed a research and development, production, system integration, complete chain of talent cultivation, industry incubation, has the high ability of robot scale production and the necessary support.

at present, in the rehabilitation robots, robot without track crawl type, rail welding robot research and development production, changzhou are at the top.In the next five years, the golden opportunity will be a robot industry investment, the personage inside course of study thinks, changzhou robot industry advantage backwardness is strong.Siasun robot company President dao-kui qu said:

& other;I think changzhou as a backwardness of the city, in the future, or we call for more and more focus on the new layout of a new generation of robots, so that the changzhou in the height of the robot, and the width of the robot, there is a bigger development.Throughout the &;