Industry of grinder of Chinese numerical control grew general situation and market demand analysis 2017

A grinder is metallic cutting machine tool important child industry, point to use grind a machine tool that undertakes to workpiece surface grinding is machined. The control kind that uses according to grinder is different, grinder cent is numerical control grinder and grinder of blame numerical control. Numerical control grinder represented the development trend of grinder industry.

Numerical control grinder is Industrial Revolution the 3rd hind, IT and machinery make the product that technical photograph combines. Regard the foundation of contemporary machining as the tool, numerical control grinder is in by wide application the main field that the national economy such as machine of engine of facilities of industry of industry of electron of auto industry, consumption, shipping, aerospace, national defence, power, railroad, project grows. As the development of science and technology, the function that downstream industry machines to grinding and precision demand are higher and higher, of the product change frequent with each passing day, manufacturing type is produced by big batch sheet change to production of much breed small lot gradually, the demand of the numerical control grinder to of all kinds high accuracy, efficient, Gao Rou sex and tall automation degree increases ceaselessly.

A grinder is metallic cutting machine tool important child industry

(Grinder of 1) numerical control already made the dominant product that grinder market consumes, industry dimensions expands continuously

The development of grinder of our country numerical control only then at 20 centuries 70 time metaphase. In recent years, develop as the high speed of national economy, structure of demand of market of our country grinder produces apparent change, the demand of numerical control grinder that develops way to leading an industry is bigger and bigger. On one hand, the development of industry of machinery of engine of facilities of industry of industry of electron of our country auto industry, consumption, shipping, aerospace, national defence, power, railroad, project was numerical control grinder to provide broad market, on the other hand, go up in the amount to numerical control grinder ceaselessly again, go up with the level on quality raise taller, updated requirement, industry of grinder of stimulative numerical control grows quickly.

Numerical control of grinder production value was changed 2015 rate amount to 51.75% , increase 5.07 percent than 2014. And at present numerical control of production value of machine tool of developed country numerical control is changed rate already amounted to 80% above, because the development of machine tool of numerical control of this our country still has larger latent capacity.

(Ability of 2) own innovation increases, technical level promotes

In last few years industry of grinder of our country numerical control increased new product to develop strength, the scientific research of the enterprise, design, engineering capability increases ceaselessly, level of industry whole technology rises further, product structure is optimized further, successful development goes one large quantities of having relatively the new product of hi-tech level, preliminary already formed the capacity that shares international competition. Basis ” almanac of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool ” to including the main grinder of statistical limits the count of the enterprise, 2013 industry of numerical control grinder 28 enterprises add up to develop new product 97 kinds, than going up year of growth 3.2% , among them new product of numerical control grinder 57 kinds, technology of partial new product achieves international advanced level.

(3) and developed country still are put in more apparent difference, there is greater progress space in high-powered domain

whole, germany, United States, Japan is in the position with lead whole world in the level of technical research and development of domain of numerical control grinder. The treatment precision that asks as a result of numerical control grinder and workmanship are very complex, involve software development, nicety to make, electric control, system is compositive wait for many sided element, because this should go,owner should distributing to develop the country with higher level and area in afore-mentioned science and technology.

Although our country already jumped the first machine tool of house world to produce big country 2009, but the difference with the developed country still apparent, high-powered numerical control grinder still counts an import badly. Main show is in the difference of grinder of our country numerical control and developed country: The first, ability of technical research and development is weaker, the numerical control grinding machine that at present our country produces still with in the traditional product of low end is given priority to, be in high-powered the ability of research and development of foundation of high-grade product side that influences with nicety is insufficient, the treatment requirement; that cannot satisfy product of large core component, high accuracy the 2nd, numerical control system and function are homebred change component lag, ability of functional component form a complete set is weaker, crucial core component still needs to import; the 3rd, in large change, intelligence is changed, compound the devotion of product development respect that turn is insufficient, to prospective technology development trend lays in insufficient; the 4th, personalized solution and service ability are weaker.

Afore-mentioned difference are the motivation that whole of industry of grinder of our country numerical control promotes and market space. The adjustment of structure of the ceaseless development of the steady growth as our country economy, industrialization and informatization process, industry upgrades, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, take seriously of the country highly especially, industry of numerical control grinder is mixed as one of machine tools of equipment manufacturing industry pillar industry, will greet carry a gender to add wisdom good good luck and vast space.

2, the market demand analysis of industry of grinder of our country numerical control

(Overall demand analyses 1) industry

Trade of grinder of ① numerical control is total demand is exuberant

As the biggest developing country on the world, fixed assets investment is in the main drive element that showing level is progress of our country economy from beginning to end, and manufacturing industry investment is occupied rise than lasting. 2007 investment of fixed assets of our country manufacturing industry (do not contain farmer) for 35, 47.7 billion yuan, achieved 2016 187, 83.6 billion yuan, year all compound increase rate is 20.34% , increase the growth rate of GDP of speed outclass the corresponding period. Nearly 10 years investment of fixed assets of our country manufacturing industry is occupied than all exceeding 30% , the first place that arranges all trades. Domestic fixed assets invested a structure 2016 (do not contain farmer) the circumstance is shown as follows:

Domestic fixed assets invested a structure 2016

Relevant report: Wisdom grind seek advice those who release ” 2017-2022 year depth of market of grinder of Chinese numerical control judges make allowance for to invest the strategy to seek advice from a report “

It is important that numerical control grinder applies extensively at consuming industry of appearance of electron, auto industry, new material, new energy resources, instrument, national defence, aerospace to wait for national economy domain, the main base sex that is manufacturing industry equips. Pull in what manufacturing industry fixed assets invests move below, the demand of industry of numerical control grinder of our country will last exuberant.

② consumption upgrades will form the point of growth with new industry of numerical control grinder

Carry out as what build strategy of comparatively well-off society in the round, the countryman is consumed forward the way of more comfortable, more convenient, cleaner, more beautiful, more healthy ” develops “ , people is more violent to the pursuit of life character. Of all kinds and the electronic product that reflects “ to consume recreation to turn ” tide, energy-saving environmental protection and appearance are multiplied beautifully wait with the car get the favour of broad consumer, the rapid development that promoted the industry such as consumptive electron, car and car component thereby and upgrade.

The significant production facilities that regards product of electron of of all kinds consumption and car nicety as component, the spring tide lieutenant general that numerical control grinder upgrades in consumption welcomes new industry point of growth, enter rapid growth period.

③ ” China is made 2025 ” strategic general brings tremendous newer requirement for the development of industry of numerical control grinder

On May 8, 2015, the State Council is formal print and distribute ” China is made 2025 ” , become guide industrial structural adjustment and manufacturing industry to upgrade to implement strategy of production powerful nation then the first guideline of 10 years.

High-end equipment is the foundation of manufacturing industry transition, upgrade to drive manufacturing industry transition, our country government drives high-end equipment industry to develop energetically, published series industry policy. Released in March 2016 " economy of countryman of People’s Republic of China and social progress thirteenth compendium of 5 years of programs " in set innovation of equipment of “ high end to develop project ” column, among them “(4) ” of machine tool of high-grade numerical control points out: “ development is accurate, high speed, flexible numerical control machine tool and foundation make equipment reach compositive production system. Maintain a gender in order to promote dependability, precision to attach most importance to a dot, develop the main function component such as system of high-grade numerical control, bearing, grating, sensor and ”; of crucial application software among them “(5) middle finger of robot equipment ” goes out: “ develops industrial robot, service robot, operation robot and robot of for military use energetically, promote tall accurate reducer, high speed the crucial component such as electric machinery of high-powered controller, high-powered servo and driver is changed independently, drive artificial intelligence technology to use ” in each domain business.

Accordingly, new round industrial structural adjustment and upgrade be sure is advanced manufacturing industry replaces traditional manufacturing industry, this kind of transition and upgrade the newer requirement that will raise the grinding machine of high-powered numerical control that regards industry as one of master greatly.

④ entrance replaces market potential tremendous

Grinder of our country high-grade numerical control starts later, high-powered product is depended on to the entrance bigger. Came 2013 2015, growth of demand of machine tool of domestic numerical control is rapidder, import amount year after year rises, our country number of feed inlet charged a machine tool 2014 14, 836, achieved 2015 18, 584, grow 25% compared to the same period.

Increase of actual strength ceaselessly as level of our country science and technology, the integral actual strength of industry of grinder of our country numerical control will promote gradually, product class will by current in cheap Xiang Zhonggao archives upgrades, in satisfying the country that grows increasingly demand of grinder of high-grade numerical control. In the meantime, because look ongoing mouth grinder is in,include a product custom-built also exist in after service process many problems, restricted our country to make industrial catenary order answer speed, create production of domestic grinder user and cost pressure. Accordingly, the entrance of industry of grinder of our country numerical control replaces a process to carry fast imperative.

In take no account of consumption to upgrade brought increment demand and transition of manufacturing industry industry upgrade below brought newer requirement case, according to data of statistic of customs total office, machine tool of our country numerical control imported total amount to be 3 billion dollar 2015, although be over to import equipment in couples only 50% right-and-left substitution rate, industry of machine tool of numerical control of prospective our country adds the market space of 1.5 billion dollar newly every year to major general.

⑤ industry transition and labor cost rise aid push industrial automation to upgrade

The ” of “ catalysis force that the “ tensile ” that change of structure of the “ thrust ” of transition of structure of our country economy, population causes cost of labor shortage and manufacturing industry choose and employ persons to rise and industrial policy give aid to, driving our country’s giant manufacturing industry to undertake the technology upgrades, the system is optimized, product line is transformed newlier etc, and conventional technology is transformed, the intelligent equipment with much need of informatization of factory automation, enterprise reachs compositive production system, potential market is huge. It is with 3C industry exemple, at present automation of whole of domestic 3C industry is led inferior, automation of 3C industry whole leads rise, will equip to intelligence (like automation manipulator) reach intelligence to make a system wait form huge market demand.

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