Industry the development trend shallow analyse of lathe of 4 rigid numerical control

Career of lathe of Chinese numerical control will construct continuously the momentum that muster, its a few essential industries to the national economy and the people’s livelihood (IT, car, light industrial, medical treatment) the effect with the mainer and mainer move since development, hold bigger business to be in with new goods, new window all the time the application of technology of lathe of domestic numerical control not only brought revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing industry, those who make manufacturing industry becomes industrialization is indicative, and of the ceaseless development as numerical control technology and applied domain expand, the digitlization that these industry place need to equip already was the big trend of modern development. Put forward bigger need and taller request to fittings of numerical control lathe. Industry of numerical control lathe needs to increase investment and innovation   Enterprise of lathe of domestic numerical control for ascensive itself brunt, extend domestic market quickly, blend those who take a variety of artifice rein in and abroad company to taste force of collaboration of qualitative, progress with ascensive goods. Waiting for nation market in United States of continue open up, Oman while, in northwest inferior, middle east, Russia, Africa, Europe also blossom and bear fruit in the round.    The enterprise of majority of career of numerical control lathe before is to rely on elevatory goods price to acquire the market, form before because be goods price low, extra cost cost is low, low, the company grows continuously without sufficient financing. As the promotion of the development of property and collaboration, content of ascensive goods skill, own own patent, design, the production that takes a brand seriously and sale just are the optimal alternative that the company grows temporarily.