Intelligent manufacture fashionable whole world big powers development?

With the continuous popularization of information technology, the momentum of the development of intelligent manufacturing is increasingly strong.Globally, the United States, Germany and Japan ahead global intelligent manufacture at present, and the rest is in active development layout of intelligent manufacturing.Today’s intelligent manufacturing development?Small make up today about the inventory for you the current situation of the development of countries.German intelligence manufacture into new luminescent spot according to the German economic growth of information and communication technology industry association (Bitkom) the latest report, the German industrial quarter of machinery and equipment has been connected to the Internet or network.More than half of the manufacturing enterprise of industrial 4.0 full of expectation, this has to do with a few years ago the German small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial 4.0 fear and suspicion is very different.In the past few years, Germany in 4.0 has made a lot of industrial solid matter, there are more and more networking machines in the factory.McKinsey German branch, according to a report of intelligent manufacturing the additional economic growth to Germany every year more than 10 billion euros, with intelligent robots and computers with self-learning function continuously introducing, optimistic to can give the German economy contribute 160 billion euros in 2030.The intelligent manufacturing innovation institutions CESMII release roadmap from 2017 to 2018 in October 2017, the U.S. department of energy (doe) led by clean energy smart manufacturing innovation institutions (CESMII) released the 2017 ~ 2018 technology roadmap, clearly points out that the intelligent manufacturing is around 2030 can implement way of manufacturing.The specific contents of the roadmap includes four aspects.One is the business practice, through collaborative research and development manufacturing and energy goals;Second, enabling technology, will be in various scale manufacturing company in the physical development, validation, and application of information system, and promote its modularity, affordable, easy to configure, safe and reusable;Three is intelligent manufacturing platform construction, will build the reference architecture of intelligent manufacturing platform and specification;Four is workforce development, extensive knowledge of intelligent manufacturing practice, the key intelligent manufacturing technology and method, and intelligent manufacturing platform infrastructure.Japan’s intelligent manufacturing more & other;People throughout the &;The role of Japan & other;Industrial value chain & throughout;, as the robot power, Japan in 2017, the results is very rich, and combined with its own national conditions closely, on the basis of population aging serious, low fertility intentions, labor shortage, earthquake disasters, etc., focus on research and development of medical and care robot, industrial robots and rescue robot.In addition, Japan also has its unique technology in the field of automobile production.Man-machine collaboration, such as lean production concept can be reflected in many car manufacturers, Toyota officials said, because of the different models have different assembly, is more flexible, more economical and efficient than fully automated.The Toyota production mode emphasizes & other;Since the 働 throughout the &;, this particular & other;働 & throughout;Word from Toyota production concept: advanced equipment is the starting point, talent is the ultimate guarantee of the quality, not blind pursuit of automation.Chinese-made 2025 comprehensive manufacturing competitiveness “made in China 2025” clearly put forward through the government guidance, integrate resources, the implementation of the national manufacturing industry innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation of the five major projects, achieve long-term key generic technology breakthrough in the development of manufacturing industry, the promotion of the overall competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in China.All across our country related policy response.Such as liaoning province ministry committee recently research identified 2018 key 100 intelligent manufacturing and intelligent service pilot demonstration project, to speed up the pace to develop the manufacturing strong province construction;Changzhou recently held the ccpit, intelligent manufacturing services conference has brought together more than 200 industrial enterprises in changzhou city and China’s political, intelligent manufacturing production, study and research, information and other parties.Around & other;Intelligent manufacturing industry ecology and throughout the future &;, jiangsu province approved by the institute experts believe case interpretation form, is the world’s advanced manufacturing enterprises of advanced technology, the development direction of intelligent manufacturing and business opportunities, and participants to share…Across the country are now focus in the field of intelligent manufacturing, transformation and upgrading of enterprises are in in an orderly way.Predictably, over the next ten years, the traditional mobile Internet traffic growth dividend will gradually disappear, high-speed Internet and artificial intelligence development will bring new opportunities.In addition to the work scene, the car and the value of the connection of intelligent household scene gradually highlights, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry focus will also be closely watched.Industrial Internet platform is a development direction, by the China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. The unit space cloud network day intelligence company led by the proposed “intelligent manufacturing service platform manufacturing resource\/capability access integration requirements” standard proposal is adopted, to become an international first standard specification for intelligent manufacturing service platform.Believe that based on the superior resources of the Internet and manufacturing in our country, our country in this field will be demonstrating strong momentum.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)