Intelligent manufacturing into China “established” manufacturing city for new heights

On December 6th in the afternoon, by the world of intelligent manufacturing & other hosted by the organizing committee;The world of intelligent manufacturing city & middot;The mayor BBS & throughout;Held in nanjing.From the national & other;The old & throughout;Manufacturing city of nearly 20 & other mayors;Brainstorming & throughout;, how to exhibit & other;Cleverly manufacturing & throughout;.Hundreds of Chinese and foreign intelligent manufacturing leading entrepreneurs to attend.The mayors take turns to introduce local conditions, cheng invited entrepreneurs & other;Log in & throughout;For planning intelligent manufacturing high-end & other;Open & throughout;.& other;Nanjing will be taking the central bar ecological island into artificial intelligence science and technology demonstration area, the Yangtze river downstream & lsquo;Intelligent & rsquo;The island.On the island, building & lsquo;Reading & rsquo;, block & lsquo;Thinking & rsquo;, the city has & lsquo;Temperature & rsquo;.Throughout the &;Vice mayor of nanjing Jiang Yuejian with a & other;Better AI, Better life”Here, invited to attend the Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs for a walk, take a look.Jiangsu is China’s first manufacturing big province, nanjing is the national important industrial production base.Jiang Yuejian says, transformation of traditional manufacturing call & other;AI”.Nanjing has talent, platform advantages, southeast university in 2015 set up the country’s first professional robots, a batch of influential platform for the research and development of artificial intelligence and institutions at home and abroad;Nanjing has artificial intelligence & otherCore & throughout;Advantage, and nanjing in jiangsu province has formed chip design, making, encapsulation testing and other integrated circuit the whole industry chain, TSMC, purple light, deco yards, and other world-class project in nanjing.Jiang Yuejian said that in the future, nanjing will be aimed to build internationally influential artificial intelligence innovation center, the frontier domestic artificial intelligence industry highlands.Jiangsu wuxi is the birthplace of township enterprises in China, strong industrial base, many manufacturing enterprises.Now, wuxi new & other;Identity & throughout;Is the Chinese began to in the development of the Internet of things.Wuxi city vice mayor Wang Jinjian said, manufacturing is wuxi & other;Business card & throughout;, wuxi propulsion intelligent manufacture bedding & ndash;& ndash;The Internet of things industry system.As of the end of June this year, wuxi iot enterprises amounted to 1450, the first half of operating income of 119.7 billion yuan, practitioners of 170000 people;Iot development covers the chip manufacturing, sensors, data transmission, data analytical and other fields.Wuxi Wang Jinjian says it will build a batch of smart factory, launched 270 key intelligent renovation project, etc.Northern Chinese city of shenyang, is & other;The old & throughout;The equipment manufacturing industry city.Vice mayor of shenyang, Anthony koko chang said that, in the past, shenyang industrial & other;Short & throughout;Equipment is weak, some high-end equipment imported from abroad, often only advanced & other;Generation & throughout;;The introduction of equipment with & other;Black & throughout;Nor can’t upgrade, and the Internet.Through practice, the shenyang many traditional manufacturing factory, has been successfully break the past closed limit, set up & other;Internet + industrial & throughout;Ecology.Anthony koko chang thought, integrated and intelligent factory only on equipment is difficult to fully & other;Armed & throughout;, robots, machine tools, industrial, 5 g, the Internet are & other industry application, etc;Scattershot & throughout;, this is also in shenyang as manufacturing & other;The old town & throughout;Efforts to a new direction (the original title: intelligent manufactured in China & other;The old & throughout;Manufacturing city for new heights) (source: China news)