Italian ICE industry delegation to visit China machine tool industry association

On June 13, executive vice President of Mr Chang-cheng guo on behalf of the Chinese machine tool industry association received Italian udinese delegation.The Italian delegation’s visit, was in November last year Italy international trade commission (ICE) and China machine tool industry association signed a cooperation under the framework of the memorandum.Udinese in the northeastern Italy, is Italy’s economy developed areas, metallurgy, machinery and light industry developed.The delegation led by Italy udinese district, environmental protection, food packaging machinery and machine tool maintenance, the head of the nine companies such as information and communication technologies, the leader is Italian industry federation udinese regional President Anna Danieli ms Mareschi and udinese regional chamber of commerce chairman, Mr Dapozzo visiting purpose is to understand and investigate the development of China’s machinery manufacturing, seeking cooperation opportunities.Chang-cheng guo introduces the basic situation of China’s machinery manufacturing field, and the “made in China 2025” a brief interpretation of Italy introduced the Italian industrial development situation, the two sides have cooperation in the future.China mechanical equipment maintenance and retrofit technology association and China heavy machinery industry association leaders attended the meeting.(the original title: Italian ICE industry delegation visit, communication) (provided by China’s machine tool business, this paper use this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)