Japanese companies to concoct disguised as the Japanese products sell to buy Chinese products

After kawasaki admit Shinkansen steel problems, Japanese companies have new events.A few days ago, Japan machinery parts manufacturer of razor island (TSUBAKINAKASHIMA) had a low price to buy China bearing steel ball products, disguised as the Japanese domestic steel products for sale.According to Japan’s kyodo news reported on February 28, current affairs, tsubaki island acknowledged, because their products production cannot meet market, low-cost sourcing China cheap steel ball disguised as the Japanese products for sale.According to the report, because of the most concentrated amount of orders of nara county katsuragi plant output is insufficient, so the steel ball of imports from China katsuragi plant sent packing and label.It is understood that since December 16, 2016 to February 21, 2018, tsubaki island sold about 231 million precision steel ball, a total of 43 companies to supply.Japan’s jiji news agency reported that precision steel ball conforms to the standard requirements of the customer, at least so far, no effect on safety.Wondering in the island, its published Feb. 28 reported & other;Problems occurred during, the number of steel ball accounted for 2.8% of katsuragi plant to the total number of shipments of tsubaki island all shipments of less than 1%.Throughout the &;& other;Now, also didn’t hear customer objections, but we will be together with the customer from a technical inspection on these products will influence the quality of the product to the customer.Throughout the &;Tsubaki island group in the field of international precision steel ball manufacturing has earned its reputation as the leading manufacturer.Wondering as early as in 1934, the island has been made in Japan steel ball.Wondering after 70 years of development, precision steel ball manufacturing island group has grown to the flagship of the manufacturers, to build a total of six countries worldwide has 13 manufacturing plants.Wondering now, members of the island group in Japan, the United States, Mexico, Poland, China and Hungary, production of steel ball and other rolling body, and to sell the products to the customers from all over the world.(the original title: Japanese companies disguised as the Japanese to concoct to buy Chinese products sold) (source: observer network)