Laser welding technology in the application of the numerical control machine tool industry

The application of the welding technology of nc machine tool industry is developed as the imported product technology.At the same time, the domestic welding technology has promoted the development of the application of the machine tool industry welding technology.At present, the main welding technology used in machine tool industry has the following several aspects: steel plate pretreatment technology application of the machine tool industry steel pretreatment line, is the second machine tool plant began using in 1993 by jinan, it is used in the shipbuilding industry, juki industry, mining industry on the basis of the beginning.The pretreatment processing line is developed jointly by the factory and Qingdao third casting machinery factory production, the main process for: steel plate leveling, preheating, shot blasting derusting, automatic spray paint, drying, total length of 60 meters.Main technical parameters as follows: thickness of 8 ~ 40 mm steel plate leveling, leveling width of 3 m;Pretreatment of 8 ~ 160 mm steel plate thickness, the effective width of 3 m;Dealing with structural specifications for the 1500 largest (wide) & times;800 (high);The preprocessing speed of 0 ~ 4 m\/min;Annual processing capacity of 40000 tons\/year;Using the PC automatic control and manual control in two ways.The steel pretreatment line, solve the raw materials of adverse factors such as rust, scale, improve the quality of the numerical control cutting blanking and the appearance of the machine tool product quality.Nc cutting technology application in 1982 by the jinan second machine tool plant began to apply domestic nc cutter Yu Gangban parts cutting blanking, in 1988 began to apply computer automatic programming nesting technology, make the steel utilization ratio from 70% to 70%;Jinan first machine tool plant in 1992 introduced the plasma CNC cutting machine and CNC laser cutting machine, start the application of numerical control plasma and laser cutting machine tool industry, the thickness of 0.5 ~ 8 mm steel sheet cutting accuracy reached 0.5 ~ 1 mm.& quot;> & quot;Period, jinan second machine tool plant development research the thick steel plate CNC precision cutting technology, make the thick steel plate CNC precision cutting thickness up to 275 mm, the project won the prize of the machine tool industry & quot;> & quot;Technology prize.In 1993, jinan second machine tool plant, through the introduction of CNC underwater oxygen plasma cutting machine, the machine tool industry CNC plasma cutting thickness carbon steel raised by 8 mm to 25 mm, reduce the plate cutting deformation, improve the cutting precision of the medium plate parts and cutting quality.Gas shielded welding efficiency, such as the application of welding technology with the introduction of foreign technology, in 1981 by the jinan second machine tool plant is the first application & Phi;1.6 solid CO2 gas shielded arc welding technology for American VERSon all steel mechanical press company & Phi;2.4 cored rich argon welding process, the press large weldments welding technology for the research, and achieved success.The project won the prize of advance of science and technology achievements won third prize.In 1986 qiqihaer second machine tool plant application & Phi;1.2 solid core technology of argon shielded arc welding, the welding problems of large weldments, solved the press by copper wire electrode argon arc welding technique, the piston and cylinder workpiece surface copper layer surfacing, replace the traditional copper set of success.Jinan first machine tool plant in 1992 in application for the first time on the cover plate and shell structure of machine tool & Phi;0.8 solid CO2 gas shielded welding.& quot;> & quot;During, jinan second machine tool plant will also be applied to CO2 gas shielded welding press tension bolt extended welding, the project won the second prize machine tool industry & quot;> & quot;Technological achievements second prize.At present, the high efficiency welding technology such as gas protection welding, has widely used in machine tool lathe bed, the gear, the eccentric body, rocker shaft, cylinder block, not processing after welding of pipe flange and cover parts, such as has become one of the main process of welding machine industry.Vibration aging technology is developed in the 60 s of the 20th century new technology, the technology has strong applicability, save energy and reduce environmental pollution, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, etc.The second machine tool plant, jinan in 1981 began the process applied to the introduction of product components, has obtained the good effect.Yellowstone forging machine tool plant in & quot;> & quot;During the research and application of vibration aging process carried on the thorough, and won the prize of machine tool industry & quot;> & quot;Technological achievements second prize.At present, the technology is widely used in the machine tool industry.Welding automation, mechanization technology application of welding automation in addition to the CO2 semi-automatic welding machine industry, mainly on the application of automatic submerged arc welding, the main application of Yu Gangban on barrel of pressure vessel welding and welding.The second machine tool plant, jinan in 1993 by introducing the weld automatic tracking system and the welding power source, reforming the 1988 purchase of domestic cross operation of automatic submerged arc welding equipment, realize the pressure vessel under 18 mm thick cylinder, head don’t open groove butt double-sided submerged arc weld automatic tracking, garden full success.Welding mechanization, mainly is the application of displacement of welding machine, jinan second machine tool plant in 1981, began to introduce the product welding gear shift machine applied research, but didn’t get the promotion, only will be the modification of the deflection of the gear wheel disk automatic cutting equipment.1988 years later, the corresponding displacement of welding machine in Shanghai forging machine tool plant, yingkou metalforming machine tool plant, Yellowstone forging machine tool plant, the application of improved welding mechanization degree.In addition, in 1998, jinan second machine tool group co., LTD., in cooperation with Japan komatsu successful displacement machine was applied to 40 grmo high alloy welding gear.Propane high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, such as the application of cutting gas propane gas liquefaction cut is national & quot;Weaving & quot;, & quot;The ninth & quot;Promotion of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly gas.Jinan 2 machine tool group co., LTD. Started in 1993 the industrial application of propane liquefied gas was studied, after a lot of contrast experiments, with 1998 C3 series of liquefied gas fully replace acetylene gas, greatly reduces the production cost, improve the quality of the production safety and cutting, with new gas nozzle, improve the production efficiency.The application of nondestructive flaw detection technology of machine tool industry application of NDT technology first container parts from the machine tool main weld.Such as set up in 1975, jinan second machine tool plant in welding workshop at the same time, set up the X-ray flaw detection room.In 1989, according to national standards to establish quality assurance system, perfect the pressure vessel to fully implement the GB150 “steel pressure vessel” standard and JB4730 standard for pressure vessel NDT.Machine tool industry in the early 90 s 20th century began using ultrasonic testing technology of machine tool product main structure of the welds are 20% sampling inspection, performed the gb GB11345-89 “steel weld manual ultrasonic testing method and testing results of classification.Check the main parts of weld is press base, beams and the slider of the main vertical plate weld;Columns, sliding block guide rail weld;Beam axle sleeve seam;Base, beams, the workbench face up and down all weld and weld splice plate and gear circumferential weld.Gas supply technology application of CO2 gas supply mode, in the welding production of machine tool industry has also been seriously.At present, the domestic many manufacturers generally adopts single bottle single gas, the gas supply mode not only restricts the expansion of production scale, as well as the production management and quality of welding has great influence.CO2 gas and gas centralized supply, improve the efficiency of the welding production, but also to improve purity of CO2 gas by 0.4 ~ 0.6%, a 0.25% drop in gas water content, ensure the welding quality, also get application in welding production of machine tool industry.As in 1992, jinan second machine tool group co., LTD. At the same time of building new metal structure factory, built the CO2 gas gas supply device.Total work pressure 0.15 MPa, and intermediate storage barrel capacity of 2 m3, can be continuous stable gas supply to the plant more than 120 CO2 welding machine, at that time, the annual production capacity of 12000 tons of welding, by 2002 to meet the annual production capacity of 15000 tons of welding requirements.