Lathe of numerical control of 40 industries enter into rivalry in October market of invite public bidding

The competition of market of invite public bidding of international of numerical control lathe October is unusually intense, share orgnaization of more than 40 representative to participate in contend. It is reported, this numerical control lathe wins the bid the amount appears to increase substantially, the demand of turning center rises, involve a trade relatively extensive also, include a variety of industries such as colliery, aviation, car.

As we have learned, this win the bid amount and win the bid amount has bigger difference, invite public bidding of international of this months of our country purchases lathe of rigid numerical control win the bid the amount rises to 30 above, relatively on the month grew about 40% , but win the bid amount takes contrary course however, relatively on the month has bigger shrink, total amount dropped 30% above.

Can see, this international of numerical control machine tool wins the bid project, low division product is in the majority, above of 1 million dollar signs up for the product can be counted on one’s fingers of valence, among them most concentrated quote area should be between 10 thousand dollars of 400 thousand ~80. Among them, the quote span of vertical lathe is bigger, have to 1 million dollar from 100 thousand dollar appear.