Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center detect through the country

On March 12, install Yangxin to fill machine tool Inc. to develop the country reached ADG of product of great and special set 2009 lathe of high-grade numerical control and turning center, the workshop is assembled to detect smoothly through national machine tool in numerical control of company constant temperature central expert detects. The member that the expert is comprised is opposite respectively early or late index of each crucial technology of this product, function and dependability undertook detecting, because my company is home is assumed congener and special in the first accepts a product to examine acceptable unit, because each expert member is in whole detect of process camber serious and responsible, detect in machine tool dependability especially in the process, a few experts ten days of day and night are on duty ceaselessly by turns, nevertheless, the expert is detecting still is to did not discover any technical problems in the process, this product is all technical index is one-time through detecting. Finally, expert the admiration that to me this kind of company product gave height ” the ADG series product of your development, it is we come a few this years the product of numerical control machine tool with the best quality that has seen since manufacturer of countrywide so much, and, although you are produced is ‘ high speed ‘ numerical control lathe, but the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard! But the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard!! Hear the expert’s opinion, the company’s present technology felt immediately in heart of deputy total Wang Yuping and each technology personnel greatest gratified, be company everybody all leader, special technology personnel takes the height of special job seriously and long-term since countless are paid arduously day and night, through relapsing ceaseless technology tackles key problem and debug, just obtained today the achievement of such arrogant people. “Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center ” be ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special in one of tasks of first support, this product basically resolves the pressing demand of the domain such as car, aerospace, war industry. My company is used actively in item executive process advanced ” 3 > of 1 + 4 ” ” produce, learn, grind, with ” mode of collaboration of innovation scientific research, hand in Inc. of piston of emperor of gold of engineering college of big, Central Plains, Qu Fu to wait for coact of user of college courtyard place and key with Xi’an, the success that achieved technology of key of general character of machine tool of a batch of high-grade numerical control tackles key problem, obtained the positive result of science and technology of a batch of plentiful and substantial: File national patent among them 6, invent patent among them 4, establish a standard 2, publish a paper 11, publish 2 in foreign famous journal among them, developed team of a batch of senior professional. This project product is main technical index still belongs to blank in home, congener product imports cycle to grow from abroad, the price is high, the success of this task is carried out, realized our country congener product to replace the strategic goal of the entrance, also proved my company made a respect obtain new breakthrough in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control at the same time, also promoted my company the significant position inside countrywide industry further, for the company ” 925 ” develop the strategy carry out laid good foundation.