Liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. CNC machine sold out

Recently, liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Production of 30 sets of CNC machine tool was both companies snapped up, this is the company production of the third phase of the nc machine tool, the third phase of total production CNC machine more than 50 sets and all the sales.Liaoning sunrise liucheng elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is in taizhou, zhejiang province economic development zone investment project, was established in May 2016, is engaged in the numerical control machine tool research, development, production and sales of integrated company.Company is located in the town of 20 units, adjacent to beijing-shenyang expressway, the traffic is very convenient.Company owns standard workshop of 10000 square meters, has a high precision machining centers, large guide rail grinding machine, gantry milling machine and other processing equipment more than 20 units, has an independent technology research and development team and professional production team.Company main product development CK0640 numerical control lathe, CK0640A numerical control lathe, CKX0645 slant bed three series CNC lathe, with high precision, high speed, high efficiency, low power consumption advantages, is the automobile parts, aerospace industry and medical equipment production and processing of the preferred products.It is understood that the three northeast provinces have no small CNC machine tool manufacturers, liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was set up to fill the vacuum.Company production base in chaoyang, shenyang as the sales center, radiation northeast three provinces, the next step development at home and abroad market.Company in May 2017 formally put into production, just a few months already produce and sell CNC lathe more than 50 Taiwan.CNC lathe nearly pin in liaoning province and exported to guizhou, more than 200, ten thousand yuan in economic returns.