Linear motor technology has begun to widely on CNC machine?

Linear motor’s main advantage lies in its structure simplify the control accuracy of servo systems, good dynamic performance, but defect is also very obvious – mechanical structure simplified structure caused by poor stability, repeated loading precision is not enough, so generally more suitable for the light processing, such as wire cutting machine, printing machine, etc.According to the current mainstream research situation, in principle, the stability and dynamic response of the load repeat precision performance itself is reciprocal, simply raising one can not fundamentally solve the problem, for the study of the dynamic accuracy at present, the mainstream research has been out of a single servo control system and the limits of the transmission structure, mainly focused on by means of master-slave coupler or adaptive cross coupler for joint control, from the source to solve the cause of dynamic error.Domestic machine tool, of course, does not have the reason of widespread use of this technology is not so advanced, at present a few domestic companies (bilateral, second, kunming machine), the formation of products in the domestic machine tool also trapped in geometric accuracy and precision of thermal deformation compensation of no breakthrough, almost no time to consider the dynamic precision of the problem.;};L: T9 dJk ‘m1 VD3 K6 `!Y $| | | % 4 K * h. p2 H6 f2 U1 R + {!} for machine tool with a linear motor development, in 1993, Germany the Ex – CELL – O launch of a machining center HSC – 240, USES a linear motor to drive, this is the world’s first linear motor machine tool.Since then, the linear motor are gradually applied to various kinds of machine tools.6 o5 m6 P $a5 c) W2 | 1996, Japanese shaddick company developing edm machine, finally developed the special CNC system of linear motor and matching, before long, they have applied this technology to the electric spark cutting machine.In addition, the Japanese matsuura machinery cheese pu, Tokyo electric, pure mechanism, and a new Japanese companies such as machine also developed different performance of the linear motor machine tool.In 1999, the Italian LinX JOBS company developed longkou processing center, then began full production LinX series products.In 2003, the product of the company’s total ratio of 60%, thus become the company’s main source of profits.The French Renault Automotion rene20 and rene25 series of machining center are using the linear motor axis movement.To explore areas of linear motor machine tool must be referred to the United States, the United States of the linear motor machine tool is the biggest advantage of the ultra precision machining, is the world leader in this technology.Precitech companies in the United States production of ultra precision machine tools, Freeform700 Nanoform200 using linear motor, and the machining accuracy is trustworthy, more importantly Precitech company will first linear motor as the industry standard.Linear motor drive system and machine tool products are European machine tools exhibition in 2001, the machine tool exhibition in 2002 and 2004 in the United States machine tool exhibition.At present, the linear servo motor and drive system of the world’s major suppliers are: Siemens, Indramat, FANUC, mitsubishi, Fuji, yaskawa, Hitachi, Anorad, AerMech, Baldor, Copley, ETEL, L.D and Kollmogen, etc.5 w – l. v.] + T9 A foreign machine tool has been in the use of linear motor, but the domestic machine tool doesn’t seem to have heard of, has not seen the use of linear motor, maybe abroad has been used in the production now, for technical protection restrictions, no exports to China?If the technology is applied in our domestic machine tool, so, let’s move towards high-end machine tools and is another step forward.”T “B3 T2 c7 | 0 R;Z % o “I * Y $J + L ‘Z8 d & L0 z) {