Little-known furnish of fill of thick broad-bean sauce has the technology has been used come to an agreement or understanding

Thick broad-bean sauce is a delicate food flavor enhancement, can use a fried dish to be able to add flavor, also can use cold and dressed with sause to dip in sauce, do not have local color one time, thick broad-bean sauce is a kind of rich distinctive flavors frequency, can promote alimental mouthfeel and quality, , it is to grace, aid sweet, those who carry delicacy flavor beautiful is tasted. The furnish of fill of thick broad-bean sauce that so such and delicate thick broad-bean sauce does not leave our fast manufacturer of course undertakes fill is installed fully, as the technology upgrade ceaselessly, furnish of fill of thick broad-bean sauce has the technology is approbated by the user ceaselessly, fill outfit speed is smooth and smooth, those who had used come to an agreement or understanding. Dtx03kh A, this machine installs equipment for fill of thick broad-bean sauce, deserve to have automatic agitate function, make stock mixes more even B, complementary makings to buy feed in raw material adjustable, essence of life goes to the lavatory definitely. Raise automation rate. Design of equipment of furnish of fill of C, thick broad-bean sauce is reasonable, vertical structure, save place, the operation is convenient. Part of D, pneumatic all uses famous pneumatic cell, life is long, stable. Contact of E, stock uses material of SUS304 stainless steel to be made partly, accord with GMP requirement. F, fill installs a powerful person to be controlled by pneumatic a powerful person, fill outfit precision is taller. Quantity of outfit of G, fill and fill outfit speed all can adjust arbitrarily. H, fill holds a fill mouth that by me the factory innovates, can solve help issue of leakage of silk, drop. Bottle of J, size adjusts convenient, configure automatic spiral lifting device. H, use compositive concept design, fragile little. Convenient enterprise care and maintenance. Besides furnish of fill of thick broad-bean sauce equipment characteristic makes a person photographic beyond, technical parameter is slightly better more, the accord that won a client reputably. Performance demand: Fill mouth amount: 8 fill hold rate: Voltage of 2000P-6000P/ hour power source: 380V/220V±10%V AC50Hz power: ≤1.2Kw fill installs accuracy: ±1% uses atmospheric pressure: 0.4~0.8Mpa total air consumption: 1m3/ divides stock flow: 15m3/h fast company is with the client from beginning to end this, the way that the client’s demand should make him hard, chose right development way, and perserve trying hard for it, the company configures powerful after service group. Offer equipment maintenance, fittings to change for all clients, overall maintain, automation is transformed wait for a service, it is a business that deserves you to trust.