“Machine tool and technology of China economic exchange 2017” was held in mianyang

In the Chinese academy of engineering physics (nine yuan) supplies department, with the assistance of March 9, China machine tool industry association was held in mianyang & other;In 2017, machine tools and technology of China economic exchange & throughout;, this also is the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) first promotional activities.At the centre of the nine yuan each, each related to leadership, equipment, and so on more than 50 people attended the meeting.There are some participants made a special trip came from the mountain old point.Nine yuan Liu Yaning supplies department minister spoke first.He said that China’s machine tool industry association has long been keep close contact with nine yuan, especially in view of the current intelligence plane, intelligent factory needs and potential development, communication and communication.In the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) on the eve of the specially came to our hospital is introduced, for hospital units early know exhibition and exhibition provides a good opportunity, expanded the field of vision, provides the help.Marketing TuJing first chief of China machine tool industry association in 2016 China’s machine tool industry situation of economic operation and CIMT2017 readiness, etc are introduced.Experts Zhou Minsen introduces the international latest technology development trend of machine tools, as a case study of a large number of detailed exhibits characteristics of the exhibition to display them one by one.Also at the scene with some equipment type selection, head of the communication, discusses the related technology and process.Nine school supplies department manages the floor of the procurement and the equipment maintenance work, is also its successive CIMT exhibition tour organizers and server.Should supplies department requirement, the promotion time is the last for nearly a month in advance, the purpose is to make the hospital departments get show information as soon as possible, understand the characteristics of the exhibits, familiar with the exhibition layout, make full use of CIMT2017 platform, targeted to choose equipment.Participants of China machine tool industry association exhibition publicity form gave high evaluation, and said to the exhibition will be held during the period of technical exchange and & otherThe window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Activities such as interest is very high.(the original title: promotional activities to around & ndash;& ndash;First mianyang nine yuan) (source: the 15th China international machine tool exhibition)