Machine tool enterprise gets account of the backside that cross a boundary very helpless

The author is in recently the news that browse when notice, many machine tool enterprises cross the message that the bound runs. Among them ” teach head brand beautiful Jim early to wanted to be bought by company of a machine tool ” caption is the eyeball that deprive a person very. After the author understands, ability knows, it is 3 base stock crosses a bound to teach a domain so, plan to buy United States outstanding Mu in order to pay the way of 3.3 billion yuan of cash to teach 100% equity.

Saying this actually is not first time of 3 base stock crosses a boundary, this advocate the company that for research and development, design, production, sale plastic conduit whole set creates equipment and machine tool of 5 axes high end is in business Wu to was immersed in battalion to receive the crisis 2016. 2017, 3 base stock changes education to the industry, with the profit point of growth with new seek. The author notices, this 3 base stock buys education of United States outstanding Mu to will be established control share company newly, original business can not suffer an effect.

Not come singly but in pairs, the machine tool enterprise that crosses a bound to manage is more than 3 base stock. Limited company of transmission of energy of Shenyang of subsidiary of subordinate of Shenyang machine tool becomes sortie travel equipment, open articles for use, article to start the omnibus business of the many domains such as the product with respect to the transition of old state-owend enterprise from gear of form a complete set of manufacturing machine tool.

See above information, believe everybody can have a doubt in the heart, why do these enterprises that are in machine tool industry originally cross a bound to manage in succession?

Actually in the final analysis, still be battalion closes not the disaster that beautiful causes. Before transition of 3 base stock, battalion closed 2016 glide 50.95% , because market demand decreases,net profit reduces limited company of transmission of 81.81%; Shenyang energy compared to the same period, began outstanding achievement to appear to glide apparently 2013.

The backside that crosses a boundary is helpless, enterprise of partial machine tool holds battalion concurrently because give priority to business Wu,other business is really too do not give power. Say battalion to close not the ” of “ common fault that beautiful also is machine tool industry. Our country industry starts later, machine tool industry also is such. Because lack time precipitation, enterprise of our country machine tool is put generally in the technology the problem of weakness of not strong, competition ability. Industry of together with machine tool gets external economy the impact is very big, because demand is not high,be in before 2017, machine tool sale is encountered generally cold. Below limited market, enterprise of our country machine tool should face the competition of person of the same trade with domestic numerous amount already, what have market of the high end in answering enterprise of machine tool of foreign old brand to be opposite again is crowded occupy, many enterprises can compress profit space enhance market competition ability desperately only. However because competition is intense, many enterprises fail to come true to be sold more below the circumstance of small profits, deficit also with respect to unavoidable.

The enterprise is it is a purpose with gain, in advocate business Wu is behaved not below the circumstance of beautiful, machine tool enterprise plays case cross a boundary not fathomless. Will look at present, the benefit that crosses a bound to be brought to the enterprise is not little, at least two enterprises that above paragraphs mentions are behaved after crossing a boundary not common. But also somebody is afraid, the company after crossing a boundary can be gone never to return, abandon completely after new business is mature old business. Besides, after crossing a boundary, company business can become complex, manage it is easier to go up the phenomenon of occurrence attend to one thing and lose another, somebody worries about the condition that plays the machine tool enterprise that crosses a boundary to be able to get ” of “ the hen has flown away and the eggs in the coop are broken finally, new old business at the same time get into trouble.

The author thinks, treat an enterprise to cross a boundary, state of mind needs to put relaxed. Above all, extending new business to create new profit point of growth ceaselessly is the normal management strategy of the enterprise, distinction depends on some enterprises extending business inside the industry, some delivers fund to to it before advocate the industry that business Wu does not join a group completely. Machine tool enterprise does not have distinction with other company substantially, no matter be,extend the business inside the industry or crossing a bound to invest is normal management behavior. Next, set out from feasibility condition, be in advocate below the circumstance of business Wu management not to be pooh-poohed, compared with in old industry await one’s doom, turn to new industry also can yet be regarded as develops good plan. On the contrary, if can pass new business to achieve the result of ” of “ relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the besieger, drive the development of old business, be make the best of both worlds? Finally, the enterprise crosses a boundary is not “ has those who go having a ” . Take machine tool trade for, although many crossing give the industry, company that runs other business, but also have cross not less from other industry come in, the business that investment does a machine tool. If Sichuan saves appropriate guest,limited company of group of assorted of general of 5 grain fluid cooperates with respect to Inc. of machine tool of as peaceful as Chengdu river, established; of limited company of machine tool of peaceful river of Sichuan general assorted to become the division force of air conditioning get rich, also announced the numerical control machine tool that wants him research and development 2015.

In light of whole, machine tool enterprise crosses a bound to manage is a smooth commonplace. This smooth commonplace because at present the development of machine tool industry all is like person meaning not completely,fetching attention is. On one hand, crossing the enterprise that go out is primary business management not to be pooh-poohed more very, without giving thought to its backside reason how, after all is to the person a kind of “ escapes the feeling of ” . On the other hand, industry of our country machine tool is difficult in the process that marchs toward “ high-grade ” heavily, special in ” China is made 2025 ” after the strategy puts forward, the machine tool that regards industry as master more hold a kind of special mission concurrently to feel, difficult crucial period is overcome in industry assault fortified positions, what people is willing to hear more is “ regression ” , it is more enterprises and resource flow into an industry, cross bound hard to avoid to have kind of disharmonious feeling a little at that time. The author thinks, this backside of a variety of state of mind, what in the final analysis still develops to the industry is not self-confident.

“ quickens a pace, ” of rein in state of mind, this is the view that the writer develops to the industry at present. Machine tool industry should narrow the difference with abroad, certainly will should try best to catch up, this is decision of feasibility condition place. But, in industry development, however cannot because of this eager for quick success and instant benefit. Place state of mind, develop many somes of patience to the industry, some more to technical research and development perseverance, foster many somes of care to the talent, the tomorrow that believes an industry is due foreground is bright.

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