Machine tool of city of the 14th stage is exhibited be about to kick off grandly!

The 14th 2018 China (stage city) the machine tool exhibits and international intelligence makes reach industrial robot exhibition (abbreviation: TMF2018)3 month 24 day general at stage city international exhibition center (road bridge) grand opening. Current exhibit can give priority to a problem with production ” of innovation of “ science and technology, intelligence, the key reveals etc of appearance of robot of automation of equipment of cut of numerical control machine tool, laser, industry, industry, instrument the relevant product such as current mechanism. It is the machine tool grand meeting with stage city and even annual manufacturing industry of Hua Dong region, attract those who come to countrywide each district every year to look around purchase business 40000 more than person-time, those who got stage city and even business of manufacturing industry of Hua Dong region is consistent reputably.

Rely on production industry group to build platform of efficient butt joint

Exhibit meeting with stage city, Ning Bo, Wen Zhou, on anxiety, all and, city of more than Yao, Sheng attach most importance to a dot to popularize a city, collected electronic information, home appliance, car and component, autocycle, equipment to make, the base of property of advanced manufacturing industry such as machinist job, the machine tool with broad move purchases be pregnant with space. For Huadongde the mechanical factory of the area builds professional machine tool commerce to purchase platform. Be like,attracted: Demaji, 3 water chestnut, Ajixiamier, Korea power inferior, gram of campstool of Korea UGINT, Japan, Japan sends that division, library to block a species of orchid of robot, United States to strap, Japanese ferry, 1500 are exhibited, of about 30000 square metre exhibit an area.

Catenary of all ready industry covers the product completely

Current exhibit meeting bright broadness involve include autocycle of equipment of plastic machinery, machine tool, current mechanism, car, steam rub match, component of tool of war industry of electrician of home appliance electron, mould, electric power, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, spaceflight, hardware, Electromechanical, plastic treatment, cast, show a product many 1200 are covered. Compressor of equipment of gold of Ban of equipment of equipment of machining center, punch, industrial robot, laser, numerical control, sawing machine, air, measuring instrument implement, labour can pattern of component, cutting tool, industry. Product from overall and mechanical the manufacturer to component, fittings, from the technology generate, handle side of distributive square side, everything needed is ready, offer to buy the home the most convenient purchase and communicate platform.

Exhibit meeting by stage state city limited company of industrial and commercial exhibition sponsors Hua Pu, got classics of stage state city is believed appoint, trade of international of stage state city closes to guild of machine tool of city of annulus of guild of tool of machine tool of city of state of meeting, stage, jade support energetically.

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