Manufacturing PMI at high levels Reflect the economy

National bureau of statistics, data jointly issued by the China federation of logistics and purchasing 30, in November, China’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) was 51.8%, 0.2% higher than last month, according to manufacturing continue to maintain the development momentum is becoming better and better progressly.Manufacturing PMI index since October 14 consecutive months keep in more than 51% higher levels, as time highs for the year in November.Under the state council development research center, zhang liqun, a researcher thinks, the PMI index to modestly, showed the characteristics of steady economic growth.From the point of item of PMI data, manufacturing balanced growth of supply and demand.National bureau of statistics (NBS) services survey center senior statistician Zhao Qinghe introduction, in November, the production and new orders index than last month rose 0.9 and 0.7% respectively.In the expansion speed of supply and demand at the same time, enterprises purchasing willingness to strengthen, high purchase quantity index to a years time.At the same time, continue to promote the readjustment of the industrial structure, the equipment manufacturing industry, high technology manufacturing PMI for above the level of the overall manufacturing and consumer goods industry, to the leading role of economic growth has been increasing.In addition, the purchasing price index, to reflect the actual changes in upstream prices in recent two months continuous decline, according to enterprise ease the pressure of the rising cost of raw materials too fast.Expected more optimistic about future of the enterprise, the production and business operation activities expectations index rose by almost 1%, close to 58%.& other;Taken together, joint on both sides of supply and demand rise, further improve the production and operation of an enterprise environment.Throughout the &;China logistics information center, said analyst Chen Zhongtao combined with PMI index trend and feedback opinion survey of business enterprise to see, the whole late positive development trend will continue.In the fourth quarter of this year economy stabilises further consolidated, positive development trend is more obvious.Released data also show that in November, China’s manufacturing business activity index was 54.8%, up 0.5% than last month, continuing in expansion interval, non-manufacturing continue steady and relatively fast growth momentum.Zhao Qinghe is introduced, the trend of consumption upgrade and & otherThe new retail & throughout;Concept, and & other;Double tenth throughout the &;Promotion effects, such as wholesale and retail, Internet software information technology services, postal express delivery, handling and storage, and other industries business achieve rapid growth, the total business activity index significantly higher than the industry overall level.Affected by the transportation structure adjustment and control of real estate, road transport, accommodation catering business activity index is lower than the critical point, real estate and other industries.Cai Jin, vice chairman of the China federation of logistics and purchasing said, most remarkably, non-manufacturing down-stream price index up again this month, hit a year high, reflecting the rising prices of raw materials of last five months increase the proportion of enterprises, and increase significantly faster, means the trend of prices is from the middle to the end consumer sector conduction, inflation expectations are formed.(the original title: manufacturing PMI at high level Reflect the economy situation) (source: xinhua news agency)