Nc machine tool lead “machine substitution” era of high speed and precision into development trends

In recent years, China’s machine tool manufacturing industry benefit from national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry environment, has made remarkable progress.Today’s leading machine tool manufacturing technology level of CNC machine tool industry is better.As demand grows, the machine tool industry must speed up to the top, can get rid of the declining trend of development.No dust, no paint, no saw strident voice, tidy display all kinds of large-scale equipment in the workshop, this is a furniture factory automation production workshop in guangdong.The carpentry, painting, packaging material in three phases, bear are machines & other;The main character & throughout;.& other;Factory production has reached more than 60%, the degree of automation in prone to volatile gas spraying link in, lead to occupational disease, we take the lead in the introduction of fiber board in electrostatic powder spraying technology.Throughout the &;The furniture factory director, told reporters.Let furniture spray zero volatile, zero – formaldehyde, zero pollution, now finally become a reality.In fact, it is a living example of the transformation and upgrading of the pearl river delta manufacturing, also & other;Machine throughout substitution &;The normalized pioneer in the field of manufacturing, especially information technology to build China’s manufacturing industry to upgrade version of a microcosm.Precision, high speed and precision machine tool’s development trend in recent years, machine tool manufacturing industry benefit from national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry in our country environment, has made remarkable progress.Today’s leading machine tool manufacturing technology level of CNC machine tool industry is better.The levels of nc machine tools, the varieties and production capacity, reflects the state of technical and economic comprehensive national strength.Nc machine tool as the national defense strategy of equipment, is the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, is the important guarantee of national defense equipment modernization.However, the revitalization of nc machine tool industry has a certain difficulty for machine tool industry.According to expert introduction, development of nc machine tools required for digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing, is the key to realize independent innovation.Therefore, for the industry, the revitalization of nc machine tool industry is a strategic opportunity, and severe challenges.China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan thinks that many domestic high-end machine although basic with the high-end product functional requirements of five-axis linkage, car milling compound, such as large size longmen indicators, but tend to be like god does not like.Performance couldn’t keep up with, in accuracy, speed, static characteristic and dynamic characteristic, also there is a big gap with foreign counterparts on reliability, & other;In 2015, China’s machine tool industry is expected to be out of the downward interval, the industry overall development situation is expected to flat or slightly increased with that of last year.Throughout the &;As demand grows, the machine tool industry must speed up to the top, can get rid of the declining trend of development.According to the analysis, the machine tool enterprises in our country should speed up structural adjustment as the long-term strategic emphasis in the future, further by the science and technology innovation as the gripper, accelerate structural adjustment pace, efforts to achieve from pay attention to the scale and speed to pay attention to quality, efficiency, speed up the elimination of low-grade resource, high energy consumption products, to enhance the added value of products, and enhance the overall development level of the machine tool industry enterprises.The reporter understands, high-performance spindle system is one of the core features of high-grade CNC machine tool, machining accuracy of machine tool processing efficiency and has extremely important impact.In dividends to mechanization and automation technology, large enterprises dramatically improve enterprise automation level, small and medium-sized enterprises also unwilling to lag behind, the introduction of advanced automation equipment, revolution into the machine.Zhejiang yiwu toys template processing and logistics of wang Ming (a pseudonym) said in an interview, & other;I have to discuss with my partner at this time in robot operation processing, mainly considering the robot’s investment costs, the existing machine tool equipment already cannot satisfy the production.However, sooner or later, all want to go to the new machine tool equipment, choose a robot is a development trend.Throughout the &;Analysts believe that with the need of high-speed precision machining technology and the progress of machine tool technology, machine tool spindle performance requirements also more and more high, and has a high speed and ultra-high speed, high power, high torque, high precision, high rigidity, high reliability, long life, and the overall trend of the development of precise positioning control direction.The personage inside course of study says, China’s machine tool market in 2012 entered the adjustment, the process will continue for a long time, from short range for, should be in ten years or more, and this decade is the golden decade of imported high-end machine tools.Industrial robot & other;Lead & throughout;Manufacturing high-end transformation after 50 years of rapid development, in the developed countries, industrial robots have been widely used in automobiles and auto parts manufacturing, machinery processing industry, electrical and electronic industry, rubber and plastic industry, food industry, wood and furniture manufacturing, and many other fields.As an irreplaceable important in advanced manufacturing equipment and means of industrial robot has become a measure of a country manufacturing level and the important symbol of the levels of science and technology.According to the international robot association statistics show that at present our country per 10000 workers have only 23 robot, less than half the global average.The reporter understands after combing information, in the pearl river delta such as foshan, guangdong, dongguan manufacturing, faced with the severe employment situation, many cities have enacted & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Plan.As the wave set off in the enterprise, intelligent robots, unmanned production line has started a large number of applications.Substitution of furniture enterprises machine equipment needs, let the mohican become numerous furniture equipment enterprises in guangdong province.At present, in addition to the panel furniture and equipment in the leading domestic home furniture and equipment manufacturing enterprises, the world’s largest furniture equipment manufacturing brand jintian bold and many high quality companies are gathered in this.Most representative robot enterprises in guangdong guangzhou galleries of nc equipment co., LTD., the company’s international business two deputy minister said GuanSui strong related media interview, & other;Enterprise at present, guangdong robot really only the domestic market, guangzhou CNC its also accounts for only 5% of total sales in 2014.Throughout the &;However, guangdong robot and intelligent equipment enterprises to participate in international competition is a matter of time before.Numerical control began in 2010 in guangzhou have the layout in the United States, South America and the Middle East, sales increased year by year.Although our country has become the most important in the world market the robot, but domestic robot research and development production level is still at a disadvantage in the international competition.International federation of robotics, industrial robot sales in China by foreign-invested enterprises occupy more than 70% of market share in China, the key technology core parts long attack means, seriously hindering the benign development of the industrial robot.”Dongguan 3 c industry intelligent manufacturing demonstration project implementation plan” put forward, through three years (in 2015 & ndash;) time, in 2017 in dongguan city 6 3 c industry construction & ndash;The application of domestic intelligent CNC equipment 10 intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop;Belt surface, to build a group of intelligent manufacturing production line, the cumulative application in dongguan 5000 sets of domestic intelligent CNC equipment.Implementation process, through the 3 c industry demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing and marketing with independent intellectual property rights of domestic especially this.i intelligent production equipment, foster a batch of internationally competitive dongguan manufacturing enterprises, the dongguan into the national unique intelligent manufacturing model cities and intelligent equipment industry gathering area.In addition, dongguan will accelerate open & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Era in the government this year a number of files, put forward to deepen & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Special operation, and to promote & other;The machine in manual & throughout;, & otherAutomatic machinery & change throughout;, & otherSet in a single & throughout;, & otherIntelligent in digital & throughout;, dongguan construction to become the country’s leading industrial robot intelligent equipment application demonstration cities.