Nc machine tool tip radius compensation method

Modern numerical control machine tool system are generally have a cutting tool radius compensation, with point arc radius compensation function (namely G41 left compensation and G42 right compensation function), for this type of numerical control lathe, programmers can directly according to the part contour shape programming, programming can assume the cutting tool radius is zero, must be in front of the nc machining on the CNC machine of corresponding cutting tool compensation number input tool arc radius value, machining process, the numerical control system according to the process and tool radius of circular arc imaginary point trajectory, automatic calculation of cutter radius compensation, complete parts processing.The tool radius change, do not need to modify the processing procedure, only need to modify the corresponding knife, compensation, tool arc radius value.Need to be aware that some have G41, G42 function of CNC system, in addition to enter the radius of the cutting tools, should also be an imaginary point relative to the center of the round head dao input position, this is due to the internal and external circular turning or left and right of knifepoint position is different.When CNC lathe CNC system has the tool length compensation device, according to the part contour shape directly programming, machining in machine tool length compensation device before enter the above & Delta;X and y & Delta;Z value in processing when the corresponding tool compensation number.For some have no compensation function of economical numerical control system lathe can be directly carried out in accordance with the imaginary point trajectory programming, which give a hypothetical point trajectory when programming, as shown in figure 3 and figure 4 b dotted line trajectory programming.If the manual programming calculation is quite complicated, usually can use a computer drawing software such as AutoCAD, CAXA electronic chart, etc.) work pieces first outline, according to the tip radius size imaginary point trajectory, draw the corresponding programming through software detected on the coordinates of point;For more complex artifacts can also use computer aided programming (CAM), such as using CAXA software programming nc car, there are two ways: nose radius compensation when programming considering radius compensation and by machine tool radius compensation, the compensation function of CNC system should be used for some does not have when programming considering radius compensation, according to the given nose radius and parts contour automatically calculate the imaginary point trajectory, rear handle an imaginary point trajectory generated by the software process.For this type of numerical control system when the tool wear, heavy grinding, or replace a new tool change and make the knifepoint radius, and the need to recalculate the imaginary point trajectory, and modify the processing procedure, complex, are both complicated and not easy to guarantee the machining precision.