Nc machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment technology special work conference held in Beijing

(ministry of science and technology, ministry of industry and information technology organizations held & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;National science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to as & other;The special numerical control machine tool & throughout;)Results conference.Conference hosted by ministry of science and technology major projects office XieMin, deputy director general of the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry division jun-jie luo and specialized technology the total teacher bing-heng lu nc machine tool is introduced special achievements and application.The reporter understands, nc machine tools is industrial & otherMachine tools & throughout;, the development of industry and information technology high-end CNC machine tools as well as field supply side structural reform, accelerate the manufacturing the objective need of power construction, and realize the depth of civil-military integration development strategy, to ensure that urgent requirements of national security.From the specific implementation of the early 2009, special emphasis on CNC machine tool market demand side wide machining center and CNC lathe research and development for the deployment.& other;Five-year & throughout;At the end of the product design and manufacturing ability of machine tool enterprises in China, received a significant boost high-end CNC machine tools and equipment to enhance international competitiveness.Machine tool company has developed a large number of new products to adapt to market demand, gantry machining center, five-axis linkage machining centers and other manufacturing technology mature, heavy forging equipment performance is close to the international advanced level, precision horizontal machining center to form the core technology with independent intellectual property rights of the flexible manufacturing system.CNC machine special deployment for the whole industry chain layout, implementation technology of the original domestic nc system beyond (such as embedded integrated digital controller hardware platform, etc.).Mastered the software and hardware platform of CNC system design and production technology, in multi-channel, multi-axis linkage, key technical indicators, such as high speed interpolation technology reached the international mainstream products.In 2016, the special support for research and development of high-grade CNC system CNC machine has accumulated more than 1000 sets of sales, domestic market share by special before the start of the raised less than 1% to 5%.Mid-range numerical control system to realize the mass production, the domestic market share from 10% to 10%, has formed three industrialization production base, the special support combined CNC system is to achieve sales of nearly 4 billion yuan.Ball screw, guide rail, power tool rest key features such as on the accuracy, reliability, and other key indicators is close to the international advanced level.Represented by five axis machining center of high-grade CNC machine tool, in the typical aircraft structures, space complex and precision components, maneuverable missile engine parts and other fields to achieve mass demonstration application, for the large aircraft, aircraft, lunar exploration project and other national major projects and key projects provides the key manufacturing equipment.For example, 80000 tons of large forging press and ton aluminum plate tension machines & other;Power jack & throughout;The success of the development, marked the our country aviation material manufacturing step into the world’s advanced ranks.Large tank complete set of welding equipment, large power spinning equipment, automatic drilling and riveting equipment and space special manufacturing equipment, for the long March 5, day boat number one mission a complete success provides a strong support.In the field of automobile manufacturing, developed by dhi two large fast flexible automatic stamping production line, the successful exports in five years, nine production lines, more than 70% domestic market share, global market share of more than 30%.Bing-heng lu said, at the end of 2016, our country independent of five-axis linkage machine tool used to test the accuracy of s-shaped specimen standard has passed the international standard council authorized, realizes our country in the field of high-grade CNC machine tool detection standard & other;Zero & throughout;The breakthrough.About the future development, jun-jie luo said special nc machine tools will be deployed around the industry chain innovation chain, perfect capital chain around innovation chain, improve represented by numerical control system research and development, manufacture of key parts and industrialization level, strive to overcome the machine reliability and accuracy stable technology;Increasing application validation and demonstration, meet the demand of new national strategy, for the full implementation of & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;To provide support.Continue at the same time explore the long-term mechanism of industrial generic technology research, further strengthen technology research and high-end talent base, goes further to carry out the special test equipment in the field of manufacturing process validation and users in the process of demonstration application, optimize product performance, enhance the level of reliability, complete sets of group technology and intelligent.Actively build machine tool industry and aerospace, automobile and other key areas of countless docking platform, by machine tool enterprises with the user to advance research, and to provide users with complete, including equipment and typical process solutions.