Nc machine tools high-end equipment industry at the beginning of the “services” form

Machine tool industry recently become a focus city of tin industry a hot topic: less than a month’s time, numerical control machine tool industry giants – Taiwan association hong and south Korean modern wei successively in wuxi leave their biggest 4 s service center, it sparked heated debate.Last month, the modern wei founded the 4 s shop in the new area.”Plus recently Taiwan association hon in CNC machine 4 s shop, xishan district, this is the second home, wuxi a than a big scale.”Machinery industry association, vice President of Cao Fengde said.CNC machine wide range of categories, high technical requirements, the investment cycle is long, the value of equipment, promoting industrialization and informationization are the important content of “two combination”.Modern wei, general manager of the China trade co., LTD and jun said, wuxi has a strong manufacturing capacity, domestic use of large nc machine tool of many enterprises.The service center of east China’s largest company is located in wuxi, is aimed at the wuxi huge market capacity and the momentum of rapid industrial consumption.Wuxi entrepreneurs, agrees.Ziyingdian lake impeller manufacture co., LTD., chairman wang hong said, his company is a professional manufacture of automobile turbocharger parts, with annual production 6500 tons of aluminum castings and CNC machining production capacity of 1.7 million pieces.”Our company now has more than 200 machine tools, the use of a large number of high precision CNC machine tools, not only help us to reduce the manpower cost, also improve the quality of the products.”Wuxi bridging group wuxi bridging nc machine tool co., LTD., wuxi machine tool industry leading enterprises, the company general manager Huang Jungui doing this with peers to the door to “open” : “4 s shop to extend the industrial chain, increase the added value of the product, as a new form of modern service industry brand management, the new marketing model of nc machine tool market development plays an important role.””In fact, manufacturing high-end equipment manufacturing industry, in particular, has shown that extend from simple manufacturing to service industry development trend.”And jun said that five years after 2012, in keep original, on the basis of single machine sales, for more factory to provide a complete set of solutions.Wuxi local equipment manufacturing tomorrow will be how?Bridging group chairman don jardine with a set of figures to illustrate: “25% of the national nc machine tool consumption in jiangsu, and the majority of the ‘25%’ is concentrated in one, accounted for about six or seven into.The design development and utilization of nc machine tool can promote the development of an industry chain, predictably, future wuxi nc machine tool technology and industry development prospects are very broad.”With the ability of the manufacturing, to services are also on the agenda.It is understood that the current bridging remote diagnosis technology is developing nc machine tools, strive to through the central control room, make smarter “unmanned factory”, through the output of complete solutions, lucrative link all grasp in the hand, achieve greater leap.