Neat effort of industry of one mind cannot be He Chou machine tool become?

As our country manufacturing industry of multinomial policy come on stage and carry out, domestic equipment manufacturing industry achieved the progress of advance rapidly. Many manufacturing industry enterprises pick up development enthusiasm again, increase strength of research and development, make numerous and mechanical component and core spare parts got apparent progress. But review global machinery industry, our country photograph relatively at enterprise of foreign high end for, still have not little difference. Difference basically reflects in: The core competition ability of manufacturing industry of domestic own brand is general not strong, low end produces dozens of can superfluous, big price war in, the high-end part of a lot of industries is accused by palm of foreign enterprise firmly as before.

Respecting manufacturing industry, must carry the numerical control machine tool that regards industry as master, as a result of machine tool of our country numerical control backward, make a lot of downstream products cannot be accomplished completely own, for example car engine, aircraft engine, it is in order to machine the lamina of engine exemple, because engine lamina presents complex curved surface, and must ensure it works normally below high temperature high pressure, because this needs high speed, exceed the machine tool of 5 axes linkage with nicety and powerful power to undertake machining. The high accuracy lens that the domain such as electronic industry needs, still missile guides the treatment that leaves a head, the plane of; of machine tool of 5 axes linkage that also needs to exceed nicety large airlines and component of nuclear power plant need celiac board and the machine tool; that wing needs freeboard rotate speed the composite material that place of aerospace of large compressor; wants makes need unfold filar opportunity. . . . . . And these domains are our country manufacturing industry relative to weaker domain, inadequacy of machine tool process capability became manufacturing industry to develop the largest stumbling block.

Compare with photograph of product of machine tool of foreign high end, the homebred machine tool nowadays shows a bottom to enrage inadequacy slightly as before in high-end domain. And the pace that upgrades as transition of our country manufacturing industry is accelerated, enterprise of foreign machine tool to home market it is eye covetously more, brands of many foreign high end are entered in succession in last few years be stationed in home, or run a plant or build sale base, brought greater pressure to enterprise of domestic machine tool. Current, our country each industry in succession from change direction in order to measure score a success with qualitative get victory, each industry is mixed to be being made the same score with equipment water the demand of quality is higher and higher. Meanwhile, the photograph is low to going up at international confused economic condition, the economic growth performance of our country is more driving, appeared then the market that Lai Yisheng of manufacturing industry of homebred and own high end keeps is faced with the race to control with foreign more intense enterprise.

Release in this net ” does the stand or fall of machine tool cerebra have to the influence of numerical control machine tool how old? ” the impact of numerical control system to numerical control machine tool was mentioned in one article, also can see from inside article logarithm of system of high-end numerical control charges a machine tool of the amplitude of each respect function big. At present our country makes the manufacturer of numerical control machine tool, some stems from pair of homebred system distrust, some to stem from the requirement that buy the home, return some hindering at face problem, a lot of numerical control systems that choose to buy abroad, the machine tool with oneself is compositive, this makes system of homebred numerical control is short of broke very big practice of one share market. As we have learned, in last few years, homebred low end numerical control system squeezes foreign competitor basically gave Chinese market, and high-end market criterion as it happens is contrary, homebred do not occupy only very one of. Market of system of high-end numerical control basically is in the control of the foreign manufacturer such as Fanake and Xi Menzi. Appear this kind of circumstance, with the enterprise in industry of our country machine tool, user, market 3 person between exists subtle contradiction is concerned.

On meeting of salon of story of big Ga of enterprise of first when in the 19th Li Jiaguo exhibition of border intelligence equipment holds homebred machine tool, guangzhou city quick fine Mr Zhao Hu has said general manager of production technology limited company: Good thing is to be done, it is to try come out, it is dry come out. Functional component need not homebred machine tool, homebred machine tool need not homebred function component, user need not homebred machine tool, everybody has due responsibility. To Zhao Zong’s viewpoint, the author is very of self-identity, good product needs the effort of the enterprise not only, what also need the market and user is collective examine, if connect homebred machine tool not to use homebred function part, the development foreground of whole industry cans be imagined.

The posture of machine tool industry of our country and abroad is compared, in the history the difference of precipitation respect occurs from beginning to end. Manufacturer of high-grade machine tool, and manufacturer of component of high-grade machine tool, all without exception is to have be accumulated for years and force of abundant research and development serves as safeguard. And our country machine tool lags behind at these high-end enterprises, because respect of research and development is lacked,also serve as just about. Market of our country machine tool is put in a cut from beginning to end, before the user that home buys a machine tool is inferior to precision and quality requirement, make high-grade machine tool lacks market demand, the user is when technical reformation also the investment with apt inferior capital. And machine tool manufactory often is not considered when order for goods is enough on research and development, when order decreases faint research and development, this makes homebred machine tool cannot get long-term development from beginning to end in high-end domain.

Enterprise of foreign manufacturing industry often can score a success in some domain, because they pay energy entirely,that is all hereat, in get profit while, won’t grudge the investment to tasting research and development newly. Watch our country instead, a lot of enterprises are excessive to short-term profit take seriously, short-term profit becomes a company decision-making the main basis that configures with resource. When only immediate impact orders singular number, the enterprise just has determination to solve a problem, and because time is pressing, make the product gets substantial promotion impossibly basically also.

Current, new revolution of round of science and technology and industry change to accelerate change economy to develop means to form historical sexual intercourse to collect with our country, pattern of international industry division of labor is weighing model. ” China is made 2025 ” put forward, it is to let our country seize opportunity of this one great history closely, our country construction becomes those who lead world manufacturing industry development to produce power. Regard industry as master, the development of numerical control machine tool also got the height of national level takes seriously, pass the policy support that comes on stage ceaselessly, believe enterprise of our country machine tool can be in certainly domain of machine tool of high-end numerical control serves as somewhat. The author also appeals domestic user here, give homebred machine tool and functional part more with the opportunity, manufacturing industry this high buildings and large mansions, still need homebred equipment finally to prop up, we want resultant force of be of one mind, those who let an edifice build not only cloud-kissing, and indestructible.

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