New product and make one’s rounds of new technology whole nation perform Waerte news briefing success is held

Came 27 days on May 18, waerte is in Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai respectively 5 big cities held a product to recommend make one’s rounds to perform an activity, the understanding that makes a client more intuitionistic thereby thirdly the car of old brand Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, mill, auger, Kong Jia is versed in cutting tool is tasted newly. It is reported, this company still will be in second half of the year this year different city undertakes make one’s rounds acts the 2nd times, with better recommend new product. The respect expresses Waerte, this make one’s rounds acts in its are new the chamfer of NRF of lathe tool product of development the wide interest that tiger razor blade aroused a client. This product serves as Waerte this year advocate the lathe tool that turn is tasted newly one of, apply to the process of thick, semifinishing machining that has the forging treatment with appearance inhomogenous outline and part of big norms dimension. Its are had not only before much coating of tiger razor blade is compound structure and patent Al2O3 coating, groove design is more special, a kind of razor blade had 2 kinds of chamfer at the same time model. And the module type of Walter Prototyp rectifies Confit of hard milling cutter, have patent to join from centering whorl, come back easily, join is reliable, when high strenth can be being used actually, the section changes knife time about, can combine rough machining milling cutter quickly with the extension bar of 3 kinds of types, establish milling cutter of head of milling cutter of milling cutter, circular arc of point of a knife, ball, shape the add up to such as milling cutter 77 norms in order to apply to all sorts of application circumstance. The main Technical Division that this make one’s rounds performs the client that mobile place invites to basically come from the industry such as car, aerospace, electric power, war industry, the problem that Waerte’s technologists part to put forward with respect to place of respective domain client during was made meticulous solve.