Numerical control lathe is debugged with check and accept

Of numerical control lathe check and accept should promulgate by the country execute ” numerical control center lathe is made with check and accept a technology to ask ” undertake, in checking and accept a process, if produce conflict, answer to be a basis with national relevant specification, solve through talking things over. 1.Open box to check and acceptSpecific accessory detailed list is right in pressing random container load plan and contract one by one of the article inside box checks examination. Make servy record. Be like next content: The case that pack is whole, machine tool exterior has without apparent attaint, it is rustily, take off lacquer; Have without technical data, all ready; Accessory breed, norms, amount; Spare parts breed, norms, amount; Tool breed, norms, amount; Cutting tool breed, norms, amount; Install accessory; Electric breed of yuan of parts of an apparatus, norms, amount; 2.Switch on the mobile phone experimentMachine tool installation is debugged after finishing, inform a manufactory of the clique to the person debugs a machine tool namely. The experiment basically has as follows: All sorts of 1) hands use a testA. The hand moves hand of operation test test to use the accuracy of the operation. B. The dot uses a testC. Main shaft changes archives experimentsD. Exceed Cheng experiment2) function experimentsA. With key-press, switch, artificial operate undertake to the machine tool the function experiments. The flexibility of trial act, smooth sex reachs functional dependability. B. Optional rotate speed of a kind of main shaft does main shaft to start, turning, invert, inactive experiments continuously. Operate not less than 7. C. Main shaft is tall, medium, low rotate speed commutation experiments. The statement cost of rotate speed and difference of indication value allow are ± 5% . D. Optional a kind of feed, in XZ axis on overall travel, successive charge for the making of sth. makes feed and fast feed test. Quick stroke should be more than 1/2 total travel. Fang Helian add operates positive and negative not less than 7. E. On the overall travel of axis of X, Z, do commutation of low, medium, tall feed to experiment. Turn tower tool carrier undertakes all sorts of dislocation clamp experiment. F. Hydraulic pressure, lubricant, cooling system does test of sealed, lubricant, cooling sex, accomplish not leakage. G. Chuck does clamp, loose, flexibility and dependability test. H. Main shaft is done turning, invert, stop to reach trial of rotate speed of commutation main shaft. I. Turn tower tool carrier undertakes dislocation of direction of positive and negative experiments. J. Feed orgnaization is done low in tall feed experiments for fast feed commutation. K. Experiment feed coordinate exceeds Cheng, hand to move data input, position to show, answer datum mark, program serial number makes instructions and retrieve, program time-out, program is deleted, flexibility of the dependability of the function such as compensation of position of loop of cutting of loop of cutting of loop of cutting of Huang of location line interpolation, linear cutting, taper, whorl, circular arc, cutting tool, pitch compensation, clearance compensation, movement. 3) sky is moved turn experimentA. Movement of active motive compose experiments, in top rotate speed paragraph must not little at 1 hour, the temperature value of main shaft bearing does not exceed 70 ℃ , temperature rise value does not exceed 40 ℃ ; B. Successive empty movement experiments, its campaign time not less than 8 hours, every cycle time is not more than 15 minutes. Every loop cease jockeys, and imitate pine blocks workpiece action, jockey not to exceed a minute, continue to run again. 4) bear experimentsThe user prepares the blueprint of typical spare parts and semifinished product, the process designing below personnel guidance and input program are debugged in the manufactory, choose cutting cutting tool and cutting dosage. Bear experiment can undertake by following 3 paces, vehicle of thick car, heavy cut, fine. Each pace divides onefold cutting and circular program cutting again. The spare parts examines to already machined place after every time cutting is finished real measure undertakes comparative with statement cost, examine the moving precision that the machine tool issues in bear condition, namely the comprehensive treatment precision of the machine tool, turn the dislocation precision of tower tool carrier. 3.Check and acceptThe machine tool opens box to check and accept, the function experiments, after empty movement experiment, bear experiment is finished, treatment gives eligible product, can deal with check and accept turn over formalities. If have a problem, the manufactory should be in charge of solving.