Numerical control machine tool equipment selection of drilling and milling machine

Nc drilling machine and CNC milling machine is a kind of important equipment in the circuit board processing, the equipment is expensive, choose with nc machine tool not only for operation, process setting and maintenance including the quality of the products is very important for production.As a process of pure technology and operating considerations, numerical control machine tool selection of indicators in general from the following aspects: 1. The machine tool rigidity and stability of the mesa: in order to make the machine tool have enough stability, many manufacturers are using marble as rigid avoid vibration bed material, some Japanese manufacturers adopt steel lathe bed, because the steel material in different temperature deformation is bigger than the marble, is not stable, manufacturers association in software compensation is used to eliminate the accuracy loss caused deformation.Most vendors are natural or artificial marble marble as a bed Marble lathe bed body, the recommended equipment, marble in peacetime maintenance use detergent and water scrub, not with alcohol.Wipe with dry cloth to wipe dry after, such as moisture volatilizes completely can only after work.2. The axis of rotation speed and stability: there are two kinds of rollers of a currently used for the rolling bearing speed of up to 80000 RPM, another for air bearing rotating speed of up to 120000 RPM.If it is a milling machine should use rolling bearing, because of its vertical bearing a good air bearing, the drill chuck is purchasing is the key research scope, some drill chuck is not easy to replace the maintenance difficulties, some of the drill chuck wear quickly became consumables and replacement cost is very expensive, while others need to maintain a waste of time every day.Shaft presser foot is also another, its life and the design is not reasonable can cause a lot of trouble, such as there is no seal between shaft and presser foot caused great purchasing power caused by vacuum cleaner to waste money or central vacuuming the power waste, and is likely to produce PCB hole clearance bad situation.3. The displacement of moving accuracy of mesa and repeat precision: this is the most important thing when choosing, also is not a picture or normal operation can see, only can be tested after purchase certification, the current equipment in the factory can meet the design standards, the key is to run after one to two years of precision is very stable, European production of machine tools in this respect do better.4. X, Y, Z axis feed rate, feed rate are generally use screw of stepper motor, the speed of 25 meters per minute, and the new product has the servo motor, high feed speed can increase production capacity by 20% to 40%, the speed of the Z axis under the influence of drilling and the drilling material feed rate, the impact on production efficiency is not very big.Mobile and fixed device: 5. Mesa mesa of many mobile carrier before to guide is given priority to, also have to float as mesa mobile bearing gas, use gas floating mesa mobile flexible and convenient maintenance, because as the preferred procurement.Mesa fixed circuit board device for pneumatic chuck commonly, the clamp design has important influence on later equipment replacement, general requirements is not easy to wear, because it wear when equipment wear one of the most serious.Once the grinding damage replacement and debugging easier, including for machine tool positioning accuracy of debugging (for do milling machine with templates).Until there are a lot of manufacturers to provide automatic clamping device, if you don’t have good equipment maintenance engineers had better not choose, because of the automatic loading device is adopted to is very tall to the requirement of maintenance engineers, and the current PCB drill once when you have more than 1 hours, generally there is no need to choose at home.6. The largest processing size: the biggest processing size is according to the need to purchase, at present most of the machine tool can be full foot you need, in addition to some uniaxial or biaxial outside the machine tool used for sample or production test fixture.7. The operating system and control system: now many machine adopts the general Windows operating system interface is friendly, some still in Chinese, is easy to learn and operate, but computer virus stabilizing its shortcomings the assembly qualitative slightly worse and management more difficult, some use industrial system or Unix system, this system advantage is good stability, not out of order, convenient management.But the operation interface are in English, the operation to fit slightly slower.In terms of technology and equipment maintenance recommended by the latter.8. The cutting tool management system: the previous machine tool less some only eight tool clamp, now most of the number control machine tool can put hundreds of drill bit, some systems and breaking of a rod automatic detection and the diameter of the length and the radial system, the selection of items that should pay attention to is that most of the nc drill on the front end of the mesa of the bed, the design has a fault, if the processing of the circuit board at work for a fixed jumped up out of the question escape easily destroyed all bit including drill clamp.Some bits from the top of the machine tool fixture design, such as part of the machine tool production is the won’t produce the problem, the sensitivity of detection institutions are too high and too low for machine tool is bad Generally with low a little better.9. The choose and buy of optical ruler system: currently, most of the nc machine tools of the measuring system of optical ruler has been adopted as the position and precision measurement feedback system, there are also using magnetic feet, using light feet of system stability and high resolution, light foot has read head and feet without contact friction, so life is very long, but want to keep the equipment clean at ordinary times as far as possible to reduce dust pollution.10. Dust collection system: if the company without the central dust collection system using common industrial vacuum cleaners as supporting, pay attention to the vacuum cleaner power, the most like the original design need big power 30-50%, because in the process of practical use because of the filter blocking power will fall a lot, followed by vacuum powder bag should have enough capacity, if the capacity is too small will make workers often shutdown processing dust affects the production efficiency.11. Protection system: refers to the equipment of the software and equipment to prevent accidental injury accident and the protection of the equipment itself encounters accident and design systems, such as grating infrared protect air switch, etc., such as infrared protection needs reasonable design, it is convenient for maintenance is not some protection design.So let’s comprehensive trade-offs.