Numerical control machine tool of host and frequency control of motor speed of main transmission technology

The main body of a host is nc machine tool numerical control lathe.It includes the lathe bed, base, column, beam, slide, table, spindle box, feed mechanism, rest, and automatic tool change device, such as mechanical parts.It is on the nc machine tool automatically complete all kinds of cutting processing of mechanical parts.Compared with the conventional machine tools, CNC machine main body has the following characteristics: (1) structure with high stiffness, high shock resistance and small thermal deformation of machine tool of new structure.Usually use improve the static stiffness of the structure system, increasing the damping, adjusting structure quality and the natural frequency method to improve the rigidity and vibration resistance of host machine tool, the machine body can adapt to the needs of the CNC machine tools for automatically machining.To improve the machine tool structure, reducing fever, temperature rise and thermal displacement compensation control measures, such as can reduce the influence of thermal deformation of machine tool host.Using high transmission efficiency, high precision, no clearance of transmission and the moving parts, such as ball screw nut pair, plastic slide guide, linear rolling guide, such as hydrostatic guideway. CNC lathe machine Lord of light transmission adopts frequency control of motor speed technology, on the one hand, the main transmission structure is simple, convenient speed adjustment, stable and reliable, transmission noise;On the other hand with friction drive stall form a complete set of automatic compensation device, when stall appear to slow down, N C system instructions immediately adjust cutting parameters, also can avoid stop play knife phenomenon occurred.The measured results of the radial runout of wheel control in 0. 1 mm.Wheel axial positioning design for each side of a lateral pressure guide wheel, guide wheel can freely rotate in their work, and by which several fold shape spring buffer storage of applying pressure to the vertical earth pressure to the lateral aspect of tyre, to ensure the wheel for axial positioning, at the same time, and can automatically according to the lateral side beat below axial follow up, make the rounds of the axial location is stable and reliable, have the effect of floating anchor point, beam orientation detection, axial displacement of the machine stability control in 0. 02 mm or less.Application of Sweden sandvik tool new craft, new material, new technology, the machine design special blade and tool rest, make a tool with reasonable annotation Angle and working Angle and function of chip breaker, greatly improve the cutting tool and chip breaker conditions, improve the tool life.