One machine produces Zhejiang type of busy hi-tech content accepts favour

Machine tool industry is one of industries of 4 big pillar of inundated area, whole town shares machine tool production and relevant business nearly 500, among them machine tool production processes a business industrial production value is close 2012 3 billion yuan. Current, industry of inundated area machine tool is cast achieve a center to already was included to save priority discipline, and Hua Dong machine tool deserves to send a center be about to consign is used, the sale that will make inundated area press down a machine tool to produce a business and reveal a center, city of southeast machine tool already writtened guarantee very. However from last year second half of the year begins, get international banking crisis affect, machine tool industry also is affected, the production of many machine tools, production value that sells a business appeared coast. By March, of the deputy alcalde Zhou Xinhai that presses down industry of be assigned personal responsibility for in inundated area of lukewarm mountain city guide below, group of network of business affairs of Chinese machine tool visited Zhejiang one machine machine tool creates limited company. The company recieved us about chief enthusiasm, to we are specific introduced company condition, guide us to see factory building. One machine machine tool makes Zhejiang limited company is a major makes mill of general and of all kinds screw, mill of numerical control screw, make the same score lathe of lathe bed numerical control, CK6180, CK6150 and each class number control the civilian battalion company of the machine tool. The company has professional technology personnel many 100. Use domestic and international advanced design concept and production technology, the software of Pro/E three-dimensional design of company of American parameter technology, elaborate design and the high-quality goods of production machine tool. During, visit staff group thorough workshop, examine the manufacturing case of the enterprise on the spot, the machine that sees manufacturing workshop rumble operates incessant Yu Er, employee people burnish, debug, assemble, paint, in an orderly way, send busy picture. Week deputy alcalde expresses, the enterprise should be grabbed seize opportunity, overcome difficulty, do all one can goes all out in work, with science and technology innovation is prop up, strengthen technical research and development, advance an industry to upgrade, enhance company core competition ability ceaselessly, for machine tool industry development makes contribution more.