Outside obtaining those who approve an entrance 2018, abandon how many is there?

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On May 17, the corresponding period of eagle of Jiu Long, hill reduces waste paper price, be the first all the time in primary our market the bibcock paper look forward to of dimension certain price moves eventually, countrywide paper price goes formally low, market be issued to lower levels. Useless center of solid of ministry of environmental protection of the corresponding period is released dozenth the restriction that approves proposal sanction imports kind of application detail, actually only an enterprise obtains new increment, approve quantity is twenty-three thousand two hundred and fifty-five tons.
State of useless whether immediate impact abandons the price outside? End at present, does useless entrance approve frontal condition outside 2018 year our country how? Is each paper mill occupied than how old? We let tell you the answer with a few pieces of simple tables below.
   3 large departments are held85%Abandon outside master authority of paper value speech
State of useless whether immediate impact abandons the price outside? The answer is affirmative. Everybody knows, abandon outside all the time since the important raw material that is our country papermaking is propped up. In 2018 year, our country is carried out outside since useless ban, batch of foreheads are abandoned to be reduced substantially outside, and key deflection is brought about directly at big plant 2018 first quarter of waste paper price go up steadily tone.
According to environmental protection ministry solid abandons a center fair shown information shows, useless entrance is at present common outside our country show 12 batch, always import ton of number ten million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand tons. But abandon outside big plant obtain batch occupy than nearly 90% the left and right sides, specific will visit 3 big plants (article of Jiu Long department, Shan Ying department, manage is) obtain batch occupy control than be as high as 85% , manage among them civil department is occupied than highest, be as high as 36.78% ; Nine dragon department is occupied than 33.37% , accipitral department occupies hill to be lesser 13.96% .
2018, batch of foreheads are abandoned to decrease substantially outside our country, bring about directly from 2018 since first quarter of the price grow steadily. Because useless raw material is propped up outside papermaking industry shortage, large paper look forward to is the first adjust paper price, contend for grab a country to abandon raw material, this also is brought about first quarter although paper value goes up drop fluctuant, but actual stability grows. Go according to paper which statistic shows, since Feburary 2018, price of our country waste paper although a few a few bend over, but was to carry relatively steady growth trend in light of whole. It is even by April to May the middle ten days of a month, waste paper price all the way ascend comes in recent years the price is exalted.
2018 first quarter (on January 1 —4 month 13 days) waste paper price takes situation picture
  66Domestic company melon is abandoned especially least1176Ton
Data shows, useless entrance is at present common outside our country show 12 batch, always import ton of number ten million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand tons, outside sharing 66 paper mill to obtain batch of entrances, abandon (the factory that Jiu Long is different area also is calculated alone) .
These 66 in obtaining the factory that approve paper, although large paper look forward to number is occupied in winning batch of businesses than having 57.58% only, but its are obtained approve ton of number to occupy always win batch number 93% the left and right sides. Particular case can see figure below:
In be abandoned outside 2018 year, each factory is obtained approve ton of number to hold inferior position, obtain among them approve ton of number the biggest is industry of Jiu Long paper (Dongguan) limited company, be as high as 191.48 tons. Industry of De Yan paper (Xiamen) limited company is obtained batch least, have 1176 tons in all.
Specific paper mill obtains approve ton of number following plan institute show (by always obtain) of batch discretion sort:
By above these data are further test and verify, in the entrance is being abandoned outside 2018 year of our country, more apt is big factory.
Also can see next, abandon outside obtain characteristic of approved small-sized paper look forward to apparent, be in the relevant paper mill of Zhejiang area for concentration more, the partial eigenvalue of mill of this kind of paper gets market key to pay close attention to, the first it is its the ability that batch of language abandon outside getting; The 2nd it is the Zhejiang area in environmental protection high pressure, of look forward to of this kind of paper live advantage.
In light of the whole nation, prospective country abandons the price have larger ascendant space, but value of Zhejiang area paper is met probably somewhat lag.