Partial tire company or close down with environmental protection because of rising in price

Begin from Feburary 15, environmental protection ministry spreads out empty first quarter temperament to measure special superintend and director to investigate the work.

As home the biggest tire produce and sale is saved greatly, shandong province also is call-overed by environmental protection ministry, accept new round superintend and director is checked.

The country is in rise in price the follow-up in upsurge the processing that pollutes to tire company, it is to borrowing machine choose the company with efficient environmental protection, and wash out backward yield can.

Well-known, amount of domestic tire manufacturer is numerous, but whole industry produces can superfluous, supply exceeds demand however.

The personage inside course of study uses “ much, small, medicinal powder ” , will describe current situation of Shandong tire trade. A lot of medium and small businesses lift debt to live, the product is coessential change serious.

Rise in price in this in tide, small and medium sized business is not dominant, rely on the enterprise of low get victory, the competition ability in the market drops apparently, vivosphere is more narrow also.

Meanwhile, the national processing to tall pollution industry, make the business that produces craft not to amount to mark also survives hard.

Tire production exists originally the pollution of certain level, big company can be passed add environmental protection equipment, improve manufacturing technology to reduce pollution, small company realizes such technology to upgrade hard however.

To this, the personage inside course of study points out, the price advantage of small-sized tire company is less and less, live pressure is greater and greater, add 2017 of the beginning of the year new superintend and director of round of environmental protection is checked, meet those who greet company of a batch of tire probably close down.

He expresses at the same time, rise in price this in the course after tide, situation of domestic tire trade will appear to change newly: The concentration of tire industry is spent will promote further, bibcock company dominant position is clear.

Tire industry hopeful greets to shuffle truly.

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