Policy support growing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development opportunities

With the advent of the era of industrial 4.0, the global manufacturing industry ushered in the era of intelligent manufacturing.The United States, Germany, Japan, China and other countries have issued corresponding national policy, promote the development of intelligent manufacturing.That the world’s major countries to realize the true’s pillar industry, manufacturing industry is the country is the infrastructure of the national development.Since 2009, the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning “, the state of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry policy support will be increasing.December 2016 YueGong ministry released the intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020) “, in 2020, developed more than 60 kinds of intelligent manufacturing key technology and equipment, same products reached the international level, domestic market meet the rate more than 50%.At the same time, the intelligent manufacturing engineering implementation guide (2016-2020), such as industrial policy support will be issued, accelerate the development of stone industry.In the context of specific targets, China’s industrial robot density from 2013 & other;30 per million workers throughout the &;By 2015 & other;Thousands of workers 50 each & throughout;, an increase of 67%;In 2020, according to the national development strategy, the target for & other;150 thousands of workers each & throughout;To achieve the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry of preliminary goals.Forward-looking industry research institute of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development prospect analysis report predicts 2020, intelligent manufacture equipment industry sales revenue will exceed 3 trillion yuan, 25% CAGR over the next five years.Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry future development space is huge.As a are cultivation and growth of the emerging industry, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry technology innovation ability is weak in our country, the new type of sensor, core technology, advanced control on new technology and new product research and development, most enterprises is still follow the overseas advanced technology development, technology still exists a certain gap.Industrial developed countries in the aspect of intelligent equipment industry started earlier, after decades of development, accumulated a huge technical advantages, the domestic enterprise development under the gap, is difficult.Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in China started late, fewer advantages of domestic enterprises, industrial organization structure is small, less competitive, the backbone of the lack of internationally competitive enterprises.The minority enterprise development to a certain strength, in the domestic market has been able to face the international big enterprise direct competition, but entering the international market competition of enterprise is still relatively rare, competitiveness is weak.Forward-looking industry research institute of long-term market tracking of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry to gather market data, USES the international advanced scientific analysis model, comprehensive and accurate for you from the industry system of the overall height to architectural analysis.The intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development prospect analysis report mainly analyzes the macro environment, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, and analyzes the macroscopic environment impact on the development of the industry;Analyzes the development present situation and development trend of the industry;The market situation and intelligent manufacturing equipment industry;Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry leading enterprises operating conditions;At the same time, with the comprehensive detailed in the industry for nearly five years of continuous market data, allowing you to fully and accurately grasp the market trend and development trend of the industry.(the original title: policy support growing intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development opportunities of attack) (source: preview industry research institute)