Price of waste paper of countrywide various places is top on April 13 on move 30 yuan / ton

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Waste paper of countrywide paper mill bought the price to adjust a circumstance to be as follows on April 13, 2018: Waste paper buys the price now highest on move 30 yuan / ton, highest reduce 50 yuan / ton, waste paper index 2401.7, annulus comparing is reduced 0.11% . AA of Huang Ban of industry of paper of Rong Hua of village of jujube of Shandong of Hua Dong area, class A reduces 50 yuan / ton; Fujian Zhangzhou harbor begins the shift on paper industry class A 30 yuan / ton; Forest of Zhejiang stage city stops after 9 o’clock close.
Move price case general view now
Hua Dong area
Industry of paper of Rong Hua of Shandong jujube village, huang Ban AA, class A reduces 50 yuan / ton, other is changeless.
Fujian Zhangzhou harbor starts paper line of business, 30 yuan are moved on class A / ton.
Industry of paper of forest of Zhejiang stage city, because pledge inspect bureau will is opposite tomorrow,pound of my company all land undertakes calibration examines check, tomorrow (on April 13) in the morning at 6 o’clock – waste paper was bought normally at 9 o’clock, began intermit waste paper to buy at 9 o’clock in the morning, acquired (on April 14) begin waste paper to be bought normally, what bring to each client is changeless express regret greatly, ask each client to be sent word to each other.