Product market competition intense mid-range 2015 CNC machine tool accessories

At present, the whole machine tool accessories industry developing rapidly, the demand for machine tool accessory in the domestic market capacity is very large.Especially in recent years, the rapid development of automobile industry in our country and railway engineering, make the machine tool industry market become more robust, also led to supporting the development of industrial machine tool accessories with the machine tool industry.In 2014, under the circumstances of our country national economy high speed development, machine tool accessories industry get the strong pull of mechanical processing industry market, in recent years continued rapid growth of market demand, production situation.Industry enterprise economic benefit is improved obviously.Numerical control machine tool accessory products at present, the domestic perfection of the market, the basic occupation by domestic products, some products such as CNC dividing head, cutter bar, and bulk exports.In recent years, however, Taiwan products influx, mid-range nc machine tool accessory products of the fierce market competition.For now should also continue this momentum in 2015.Abroad and Taiwan business in order to enter the Chinese mainland market, product prices down gradually, its market share is gradually expanding.At present due to domestic products in the pre-sale technical business communication and after-sales service has obvious advantages than foreign manufacturers, product development to make the domestic numerical control machine tool accessories.But as foreign produced localization in China with the payment, we will lose the advantage.Part of the machine tool industry in developing countries in recent years, the development speed, and gradually to the mainland market to import machine accessories, etc., and has a certain price competitive advantage.Indian companies, for example, is rapidly developing all kinds of machine tool accessories, plastic towline, steel towline, shield machine tool, machine tool working lamp, machine tool shim on price compared with other importers have certain advantages.In terms of machine tool accessories varieties, most varieties of domestic machine tool accessory enterprises have, is the basic specialized production and is able to meet the needs of the host.Some new technologies in attachment temporarily only individual research institutions or manufacturer in the research stage, not form a production capacity, the host form a complete set of basic dependent on imports.In addition, efficient nc machine tool with the power chuck, high speed characteristic and clamping of the precision than abroad have larger gap.Domestic production of the CNC machine tool accessory product manufacturing level than in previous years have improved.Plastic towline, steel towline, shield machine tool, machine tool working lamp, machine tools mat iron and other products, specifications and varieties of constantly improve, continuous improvement structure, main performance and reliability are greatly improved.At present, home-made numerical control machine tool accessories, it should be said to meet the needs of the mid-range of nc machine tools supporting, but for some high-end level CNC machine form a complete set of machine tool accessories, there is still a gap compared with foreign main gap because most of the annex enterprises small in scale, the overall equipment manufacturing ability, coordination ability, their own technical innovation ability is insufficient.This is at present our country product level is the main reason for the low level of foreign products.Need to increase investment in technological upgrading domestic enterprises, improve production capacity, expanding production scale, coping with the level of technology innovation, to improve its service ability.