Roller bearing industry of nc machine tool machining process considerations

In determining the processing after the rollers, bearings and other parts must also be in terms of nc machining process to learn to new planning and design of process flow, including the original process of the production process of change, to explore the feasibility of new process methods, explore the feasibility of realizing modern production management and logistics management, to explore the feasibility of using advanced tool equipment greatly improve production efficiency, exploration on the production line of CNC equipment and other equipment, special (normal) reasonable configuration technology, etc., the purpose is to want to use the best technology of nc machine tools after the manufacturing process.Here are a few typical parts reasonable processing technology.Axial parts: milling face centering & rarr;Numerical control lathe (unfinished) & rarr;CNC grinding machine (finishing);Flange and disc parts: CNC lathes (unfinished) & rarr;Turning center (finishing);Cavity mould parts: general machine tool processing shape and base level & rarr;CNC milling machine processing surface & rarr;High speed CNC finishing & rarr;Polishing or electric corrosion type surface;Plate parts: two-axis milling machine or machining milling planer plane & rarr;Vertical machining center processing all kinds of holes;Body parts: vertical machining center on the underside & rarr;On the horizontal machining center processing surface around the craft.In the arrangement of technological process to consider the following factors: (1) choose the shortest machining process (2) the nc machine tools has considerable adaptability, but also is not everything, from an economic perspective, each kind of typical workpiece clan has an economic batch parts, should be based on economic batch use more advanced technology means (3) try to play all kinds of craft characteristics of machine tool, the pursuit of maximize CNC machine comprehensive processing ability of specialty (multistep process characteristics of concentration), should be in the process of production configuration at least the number of machine tools, the least process equipment and fixture.(4) to consider the production line or the balance of the production workshop all sorts of equipment capability.As a choice for single CNC machine or a production line configuration, a single device can’t completely package and machining of all the next working procedure, there must be process transfer and other equipment, production capacity to balance between all the equipment, can satisfy the demands of production beats integrated, so the arrangement of each device on the work procedure order quantity, the processing etc specialty should play the digit-controlled lathe, meet the precision requirement, but also further consideration should be given all the machine tools on the workpiece turns chronological process benchmark, reasonable use.(5) some problems raised often in the arrangement of nc machining process is a process focus and the processing technology of pure principle contradictions gradually.On the use of CNC machine tools, it is widely used to process more concentrated in a single machine to complete process focused on the principle, in order to pursue to improve productivity, shorten the cycle of parts machining, even hope that the workpiece in a pack all is processed in the card.But in fact, for some complex, high precision of the workpiece, caused by the thermal deformation and internal stress in the process of workpiece deformation, clamping apparatus clamping deformation, heat treatment for aging and other technological factors and process editor operation factors, it is difficult to a card to complete the processing.Basic technological criterion of machining parts in the elaboration gradually the number of requirements and restricts the process, properly deal with this contradiction is the important content of nc machining process.(6) in the typical artifacts in the arrangement of the technological process for the should be properly arranged all the machine tools and production lines of manual adjusting and testing work, namely the impact of human intervention.Enterprise according to its own technology and equipment capacity, technical level and technical innovation investment, determine the degree of human intervention in the process, the decision of choosing the numerical control machine tool automation level and functional requirements.Necessary to consider the appropriate use manual adjustment to complement the ability of enterprises to achieve fully automated, exact orientation to the enterprise technology ability and equipment level.