Roller nc machine tools the selection of main technical parameters

Characteristics of machine tool specifications should include machines, machine tool specifications parameters and machine main motor power, etc.In determining the process content under the premise of model selection is more clear.Processing of axially symmetrical parts, for example, the selection of main equipment has lathe, turning center, CNC grinding machine, etc.;The machining of box body is various, should give priority to with vertical or horizontal machining center.Nc machine tool has been developed into many varieties, wide selection of products available, in the model selection should be the premise of meeting the process requirement as simple as possible.For example, roller roller TongChe cutting center and CNC lathe can be machining axial parts, but a satisfied processing specifications of the same prices are more expensive than numerical control lathe turning center several times, if there is no further process requirement, should choose CNC lathe is reasonable.In processing cavity mould parts, with the specifications of the nc milling machine and machining center can meet the requirements of basic processing, but the difference between two kinds of machine tool price 20% ~ 50%, and so are adopted in the mold processing often replaced process can be arranged to choose processing center, and fixed a long milling can choose the cutting tool CNC milling machine.Roller production equipment nc machine tool is the most important specifications several CNC axis range and the spindle motor power.Machine three basic linear coordinates (X, Y, Z) schedule allows the processing of space reflect the machine tool, in the lathe two coordinates (X, Z) allows the size of the solid of revolution.General machining contour size should be in the machine tool processing spatial scope, for example, a typical workpiece is 450 mm & times;450 mm & times;450 mm casing, so should choose working mesa size is 500 mm & times;500 mm of machining center.Choose work surface slightly bigger than a typical workpiece is for the sake of install fixture.Machine tool working mesa size and the three linear coordinate schedule has certain proportion relationship, such as the workbench (500 mm & times;500 mm) of the machine tool, the x axis is commonly (700 ~ 800) mm, y axis (500 ~ 700) mm, z axis is about (500 ~ 600) mm.Therefore, the size of workbench face basically determine the size of the processing space.Individual cases also allows the size is greater than the coordinates, then must demand parts processing areas within range, but also to consider machine table allows the carrying capacity, and whether workpiece and machine tool exchange knife tool space interference, and machine tool protective cover, etc. Series of problems such as intervene with attachment.The main motor power of the nc machine tools in the same specification on the machine tool can also have a variety of configurations, typically reflects the machine tool cutting rigidity and spindle speed performance.Light machine tools, for example, is smaller than standard spindle motor power might be 1 ~ 2 level.The current general machining center spindle speed in the r\/min (4000 ~ 8000), vertical type high speed machine tool machine tool can reach (20000 ~ 70000) r\/min, horizontal machine (10000 ~ 20000) r\/min, the spindle motor power is exponentially increasing.Reflects the cutting efficiency of machine tool spindle motor power, on the other side also reflects the cutting stiffness and rigidity of whole machine.In the modern small and medium-sized nc machine tools, mechanical variable speed of spindle box have less use, tend to use the power of the larger ac adjustable speed motor spindle, straight and even structure of motorized spindle.This structure in the low speed torque is restricted, the speed regulating motor at low speed decreases when the output power, in order to ensure the output torque at low speed, have to adopt high power motor, so the same specification of machine tool nc machine tool spindle motor machine several times larger than normal.When using the unit of some typical workpieces when you have a lot of low speed processing, must also choose the machine output torque at low speed for checking.Light machine tools must be cheap in price, require the user to typical workpiece blank allowance according to their size, cutting ability (metal removal unit time), the requirements for the machining precision and practical factors such as comprehensive selection of machine tool can configure what tools.Roller in recent years high speed nc machine tools on the trend of development soon, the spindle from several thousand to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, linear coordinates from fast moving speed (10 ~ 20 m\/min) rose to more than 80 m\/min, machine tools, of course, the price also rise accordingly, the user unit must according to their technical ability and ability to make reasonable choice.For example, the highest on the vertical machining center spindle speed is up to (50000 ~ 80000) r\/min, besides some special case processing, general matching tool is very expensive.Some speed lathe can reach above (6000 ~ 8000) r\/min, the configuration requirements of turning tool is also high.By only three straight for A small amount of special workpiece coordinate processing can’t meet the requirements, will also increase the rotary coordinates (A, B, C), or the attached machining coordinates (U, V, W), the machine can meet the requirements on the market, but the machine price will increase A lot, especially for some multi-axis linkage processing requirements, such as axles, five-axis linkage machining, must to the corresponding programming software, such as measurements have overall consideration and arrangement.