Shenyang machine tools and various enterprise to accelerate the cooperation At the beginning of intelligent manufacturing ecological system

7 on 19, shenyang machine tool and a new government in the valley of intelligent manufacturing strategic cooperation agreement.Since 2016, the first intelligent factory located in shiyan, the local industrial transformation and upgrading has played a significantly affects the effect.Deep in the west by mountains of shiyan to witness the shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing ecological system construction, intelligent intelligence to the area from the factory.Shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing model for regional transformation and upgrading has played a strong role, become a “made in China 2025” and new industrialization path can be realized.In

& other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Manufacturing industry and the Internet fusion strategy, deepen the development, manufacturing & other;Double gen & throughout;Pilot demonstration projects, building a service-oriented intelligent platform manufacturers such as policies, against the background of more government see intelligent intelligent on the regional industrial upgrade in the future, to China’s intelligent manufacturing leading practitioners & ndash;& ndash;Shenyang machine tool to offer an olive branch.So far, shenyang machine tool and the local government signed strategic cooperation with up to nine, signed a total i5 intelligent machine 18200 units.At the same time, the local government intention to sign up to more than 20, all over China liaoning, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, anhui, guangdong, henan, hebei, shaanxi, hubei province, involving the consumer electronics, petroleum equipment, communications, communications, automotive and other industries.

i5 intelligent manufacturing ecological system construction cracked many areas from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing upgrade & other;Pain points throughout the &;, through building the i5 valley of intelligent manufacturing, industrial upgrading, radiation region and the local government and customers explore can realize industrial upgrading paths together, formed the unique intelligent manufacturing mode, platform edge is preliminary.In April of this year, with shenyang machine tool depth cooperation, jianhu county government take specific project cooperation mode of industry fund + common planning new intelligent manufacturing valley, the project planning area of about 250 mu, the construction of factory building area of 96000 square meters and office space of about 6000, and synchronous construction municipal supporting construction, boost comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and the public entrepreneurship, innovation, speed up the economic development in the ascending jianhu.At present, the landing jianhu shenyang machine tool intelligent manufacturing base of intelligent factory has reached five.This half a year time, governments and companies around the country to visit jianhu learning.

with shenyang machine tool and the local government continuously explore, intelligent manufacturing mode in accordance with the characteristics of local industry more, cooperation pattern is more flexible.Shenyang machine tool and jiashan county GanYao township government set up the center of the Yangtze river delta intelligent manufacturing sharing of strategic cooperation, establish intelligent manufacturing platform, attracting global quality resources drives the development of local industry.Jiashan county town is GanYao town planning and construction robot, and intelligent manufacturing sharing service platform just became the local government to attract national and even global quality robot chip in the development of the enterprise.At present, the intelligent factory team is planning with the local government buildings, for enterprises in sharing center from small and medium enterprises to provide technology and equipment, talents, workshop layout, lean production, equipment hosting, automation in areas such as a set of intelligent solution as a whole.Now, there are 3 companies are planning in & other;Robot town & throughout;.

customers around the district government and the i5 increasing the heat of the intelligent manufacturing model.At present, there are five local governments are actively promote to build together with shenyang machine tool has the characteristics of the local industry work smart valley.It is understood that in 2017, shenyang machine tool is expected to build 10 valley of intelligent manufacturing, plans to 2020, in the valley of 32 intelligent manufacturing set up.