Sigma CNC machine tool company: “science and technology innovation

Dispatch workers are production is located in the high-tech zone of liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD., has been committed to new product research and development, the machine tool industry in developing opted for a global view of the road of independent innovation, constantly develop high-end CNC machine tools with independent intellectual property rights, realize the independent research and development of a major breakthrough in the high-end CNC machine tools, to enhance enterprise core competitiveness, a doubling of economies of scale, management benefit increase year by year.In 2014, the company realize the output value of 95 million, profits of 2014.Recently, the reporter in liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD., in the assembly shop to see, more than 50 large nc machine tools neatly lined, staff is on equipment assembly and debugging.Zhao Tianan company deputy general manager, told reporters that the company independent research and development of VTM30 car milling compound machining center 5 axis nc machine tools are stepping up production, the product is a new research and development of the company last year, customer feedback is good, this year will be mass production.In 2008, liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD. Was established in the high-tech zone, the scale is still small, production equipment and technology is relatively backward, with independent intellectual property rights is a blank.Increase the intensity of science and technology research and development, after the company in high-tech zone of the output value of 10 million yuan.Since then, the technical innovation of investment of 28 million yuan, the new nc slideway grinding, CNC planer, milling machine, boring and milling machine and other 20 sets of key process equipment.Zhao Tianan said, if with someone else’s technology, may obtain a temporary development, but the long term will be punished by the law;If buy someone else’s technology, the inevitable restrictions on technology advancement, constrained or is the price, cause at a competitive disadvantage.Thus, on the basis of independent innovation has independent intellectual property rights, is the enterprise development must be wrung a lifeline.Continuous innovation, make the vitality of liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD.Company existing staff 231 people, engineering technical personnel 34 people, senior engineer 3 people, 3 senior workers technicians.Has seven major cities across the country set up sales and after-sales service, product market distribution in liaoning, hebei, shandong, Beijing, such as more than 20 provinces (municipalities), including zhejiang, hangzhou zhaofeng, zhejiang geely, shenzhen byd, wuhu chery, changchun faw, such as more than large companies, has formed the operation situation of supply and marketing flourish.Company can have the present development situation, in addition to pay attention to market development and marketing network construction, mainly thanks to the construction of research and development center.In 2009, the company with the shenyang institute of computer of Chinese academy of sciences, huazhong university of science and technology and other colleges and universities, scientific research unit cooperation, set up r&d center, the r&d input is controlled in 12 million yuan every year, ensure that there are two or more new products to market, complete process technology improvement topic for more than 10 a.So far, the company independent research and development project of 22, including patent technology 6 patents of utility model, design the five, 11 new technology.Throughout the company in recent years, the road of scientific and technological innovation, has been fruitful, successively won the horizontal hydraulic servo knife tower, nc vertical lathe spindle assembly, digital servo controller 3 patents of invention, the knife tower full hydraulic pressure drive vertical knife tower for the patent for utility model.In the past two years, new technology, new product added value accounts for more than 40% of sales revenue.By 2011, the company is province letter committee identified as provincial enterprise technology center, was named provincial intellectual property office for patent demonstration enterprises, and through the national recognition of hi-tech enterprises.Zhao Tianan said the company will continue through independent innovation, constantly improve the products, upgrade the old products at the same time, for the customer & other;Tailored & throughout;Required for the production line.The company in June orders has been full, strive to achieve output value 120 million yuan this year.