The 17th Chinese nc machine tools and metal processing fair & sheet metal mold manufacturing

2015 of the 17th Chinese nc machine tools and metal processing machine tools, sheet metal and pipe processing, mold manufacturing and tools of international event data download address: http:\/\/\/s\/1qWwlA9mhttp:\/\/\/s\/1bno49cF show time: 3 – November 7, 2015, the exhibition location: national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai) exhibition area: 60000 square meters of the organizer: the national development and reform commission, the ministry of commerce, ministry of industry, ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, ccpit, the Shanghai municipal people’s government to undertake units: Shanghai east HaoLanSheng international trade in services (group) co., LTD. Welcome your call at: 13482142817 qq1918958062 Guo Yu the 17th China international industry fair exhibition of nc machine tools and metal processing (MWCS) on November 3-7, 2015 to open the new national convention center (Shanghai).MWCS in 17 years has been insisting on providing more market opportunities for exhibitors and professional services, we will be at a higher starting point for 2015 exhibitors and visitors bring brand-new exhibition experience.Currently MWCS in 6 square exhibition scale, extensive industry participation, 30% of the internationalization become one of China’s most influential machine tool exhibition.Has been a extensive exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign machine tool enterprises an important display platform, become a leading machine tool technology, leading the industry development important carrier.Again, we gathered in 2015 from more than 600 enterprises in more than 20 countries around the world, for more than 120000 professionals shows the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology in metal processing industry today.Scope of exhibits: n metal cutting machine tool machining center, milling machine, engine lathe and automatic lathe, drilling machine, boring machine, sawing machine and metal cutting machine tools, machining for machine, combination machine tools and combination of parallel machine tool parts, machining center machine, drilling and tapping machine, manufacturing unit\/system and automatic processing equipment, tools, grinding, lapping, polishing machine superfinishing machine tools.N metal forming machine, sheet metal, sheet metal cutting machine tools and machining center, sheet, profile shears, tube spinning machine, plate bending, bar, pipe bending machine, straightening machine, wire forming machine, punching, punching machine, nibbler, all kinds of machine, laser cutting machine, etc.N special processing machine tools, CNC system, digital display device and electric appliances, machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, tooling, test and measurement equipment and related products.展位价格: 国内 国外 光地(18平米起) 1,272元\/平米 2,310元\/平米 标展(9平米起) 1,590元\/平米 2,883元\/平米 知名展商:金切:山崎马扎克、哈斯、斯宾纳、米克朗、沈阳、大连、齐二、秦川、武重、华鼎、上机、北一、汉川、凯达、星火、建德、上一、油机、台中、立杨、远东、凯伯、新贝斯特等成形:通快、天田、萨瓦尼尼、埃威迪、团结普瑞马、三菱、百超、罗芬、麦格菲、村田、韩光、相干、偲丹、百克、台励福、梁发记、扬力、亚威、金方圆、华工、楚天、大族、捷迈、中龙、金运等其他:福禄水刀、大地水刀、奥拓福水刀、大量电子、狮迈、OMAX、哈格、阿库、奥利佳、YG-1、特固克、OSG、名古屋、布里斯、七骏、申克、思瑞、力德、怡信、雷诺、巴鲁夫、史陶比尔等。Participation procedures: 1, 2, complete and submit the application form and the organizers confirmed booth and cost 3, signed a formal contract and pay the booth fee in accordance with the terms of the contract, complete the preparation work, smooth exhibition * * booth arrangement according to & other;First apply, first to arrange & throughout;: the exhibition principle exhibition date: October 31, 2015 – November 2: on November 3, 2015-7 move-in: on November 8, 2015 Shanghai east HaoLanSheng international trade in services (group) co., LTD. China international industry fair exhibition nc machine tools and metal processing business department 2: address: Shanghai recovery road 757 minmetals building, 13th floor, zip code: 200070 Guo Yu 13482142817 qq1918958062 telephone: 021-54380572 mail: