The composition of nc machine tools perform device

Nc machine tools to perform device used to connect to working parts, will be the medium pressure ding to work into the mechanical energy of the component, common have power cylinder for the linear motion (including hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder) and rotary movement of the hydraulic motor, pneumatic motor.(1) the numerical control machine tool nc machine tool hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder is the executive components in the hydraulic system, it is a kind of pressure of the liquid to mechanical energy into a straight line reciprocating movement of the device.It can easily get the straight line reciprocating movement and large output force, simple structure, reliable operation, manufacturing easy, so widely used, is the most commonly used in the hydraulic system of actuators.Hydraulic cylinder according to the structure characteristics of different can be divided into piston cylinder, piston cylinder and three types of swinging cylinder, piston cylinder and piston cylinder to achieve linear motion, the output thrust and speed;The oscillating cylinder (or oscillating motor) is used to achieve the rotation of less than 3609 t output torque and angular velocity.(2) the numerical control machine tool hydraulic motor nc machine tool hydraulic motor hydraulic actuators, it will enter the pressure of the liquid can be converted into mechanical energy, in the form of torque and rotational speed to the actuator, doing work output is rotary motion.Nc machine tool hydraulic motor according to the rated speed of hydraulic motor divided into two major categories of high speed and low speed, high speed hydraulic motor mainly characterized by high speed, small moment of inertia?Easy to start and brake, and the arrest and the reversing of the high sensitivity, low speed hydraulic motor are the main characteristics of large displacement, large volume, low speed, can be directly connected to the working mechanism, simplified transmission mechanism.Nc machine tool according to its structure type can be divided into gear, vane, plunger, and other forms.