The development of high-end CNC machine tools must cause the attention of the national and even tilt

See GuoYing hit a post, a few days ago to the development of CNC machine tool industry, the gap between home and abroad has carried on the thorough analysis, thought that posts near end labeling is the author of his peers, cape of machine tools used in some military industrial enterprises have, is the main body, is unknown, now they should be in the production of five axes linkage machine tool, still can be moved, precision is how to also don’t know, every machine tool exhibition can see cape positive figure, is a lot of that kind of machine tool exhibition, have the opportunity to participate in the exhibition of members can see.To post content points or more recognition of the: 1, high-grade CNC machine tool is, indeed, can’t literally sell as strategic materials, especially for China, other countries don’t know), as far as I know, Japan’s fine machine after the acquisition, maggie machine, restricting imports a lot of high-end machine tools, in the same way, their turnover is declining, damaged should be DE maggie’s fine machine, maybe somebody else just to sell machine rose to the height of national security.2, German apprenticeships is very good very practical, children in school learning theory knowledge, practice operations to the factory, and then back to school to learn, practice again, and again, will deepen study results and brought-up child after to the factory, can very good competent for their work, looks like the system in our country should be a long time ago, why in recent years, there is no?Used in the state-owned enterprises will have apprenticeships, now should be a few enterprises, enterprises also have no kung fu training talents, brought it with best, salary is lower, the better, don’t know why?3, “almost in its prototype, high-end talent by international institutions such as Siemens China institute high salary to feed up, until the engineering talent exhausted” this sentence is not alarmist, the fact is such, foreign big companies recruit, first premise is 985211 graduate students, so, in the actual work is really need so many “good”?Seems to really is not ah, the somebody else’s r&d center is not easily in China, the recruitment of those “good” is just the drawings in English to Chinese, as to why the design drawings of the parts, why want to use, so we don’t know, somebody else also don’t want to know, even set up r&d centers in China, the results of the test is not willing to share with you.So, countries should from system for nc industry including a certain value, the machinery industry must tilt, now we cannot compete with somebody else in high-end machine tools, perhaps wait until somebody else want to enter the low end of the machine tool industry, or don’t sell high-end machine for us, whether the space shuttle also couldn’t get on day, no equipment, no talent is really terrible