The dryer into disinfection facilities unreliable enterprises were investigated

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Rong) production workshop filthy, used for the disinfection of the dryer on a thick layer of dust, the edge piled box, sandals and other sundry, the conditions to produce one-off plastic cup you dare to use?Hunan province pledges inspect bureau audit team recently investigated the unreliable.Recently, according to the report, in changsha in hunan province pledges inspect bureau audit team law enforcement officers sheng jing plastic products co., LTD has carried on the preliminary MoPai, in the market to buy the two specifications of the company production of PP one-time drink cup (economical and thickening type), hunan produce goods quality supervision and inspection institute of detection, weight and volume deviation is unqualified.Later, reporters follow kaifu district law enforcement officers came to changsha knife river town Dan an village no. 94, changsha sheng jing plastic products co., LTD is located.Into the workshop, the law enforcement officers found the old production equipment, humble, workshop is full of slippers, wastebasket, tailings, waste, etc.PP one-time drink cup belongs to food packaging containers, is food related products production license issuance in the catalog, however, the label on the package of “high temperature sterilization, health good peace of mind” food packaging container, factory can’t find any disinfection equipment and testing equipment, the company used to disinfection equipment products turned out to be a dryer.This dryer is buried in a pile of waste bin, they are gathering dust on the dryer or wastebasket, a see will know that at least a few months is no one touched.Most unreliable, beside the dryer also there is a pair of cool sandals.Such a plastic cup you dare to use?After investigation, the company in February 2013, the production license expires has not replacement, also not to apply for food related products production license.The company production of plastic products are mainly exported to surrounding areas, the total sold 4 million units.Law enforcement personnel to more than 80000 unqualified plastic seal was carried out., according to hunan province pledges inspect bureau inspection group of Ronald late load-bearing performance belongs to the one-time drink cup use key performance indicators, according to the national standards for plastic disposable tableware, disposable plastic cup must bearing 3 kg highly rate at room temperature is less than 5%.The company production of disposable plastic cups, are directly under the bearing 3 kg collapse, such products in the food or by hand clenched easy deformation, high heat food (with) a spill, consumers may scald.”Chinese quality newspaper