The equipment of 3C, high end demand to machine tool industry will be quickened

“ looks at present, our country machinist job can assure of 85% inside need to supply, but machine tool industry has 60% only inside need to be able to be ensured, so in the near future, machine tool industry, especially the development space of crucial component is very large still, the government will be carried out this year great short board equipment is special project, it is huge policy interest to machine tool industry good. Specific in light of, automobile industry is occupied to the demand of machine tool industry bigger, it is about 40% , future is added fast the equipment of the; that put delay 3C industry, high end demand to machine tool industry is added fast will accelerate, in addition, intelligence serves transition to also will make the important way that future of machine tool industry develops. The fair of tool of machine tool of the 14th China International that Shi Yong of assistant dean of academy of news of ” machinist trade held on March 5 (express on CIMES 2018) press conference.

“ is overall and character is analysed from situation of domestic and international development, the market vigor of machinist job restores somewhat, demand increases somewhat. This offers a condition for the get warm again after a cold spell of machine tool industry, but regard world machine tool as country of the biggest consumption, country of the biggest production, country of the biggest entrance, expect the new progress of industry of domestic machine tool and progress already, also want to strengthen the trade dealings with foreign advanced company and cooperation, satisfy market demand jointly. Yang Xuetong of vice-chairman of Joint Industry Conference of ” China machinery thinks.

The conference discloses, the “ that is versed in by Chinese machinery Inc. of collaboration of mechanical international of head office of machine tool of trade group limited company, China, China is sponsorred exhibition of tool of machine tool of the 14th China International (CIMES2018)” will in June 2018 26 ~ are in Beijing 30 days center of new international exhibition is held. Current exhibit can current flutter area to already amounted to 120 thousand square metre, ginseng exhibit business to share more than 1300. Become double year China’s biggest international machine tool to exhibit meeting. Still will release formally at the appointed time ” industry of Chinese machine tool grows blue book (2018) ” .

Market of tool of “ China machine tool is experiencing comprehensive and profound change, main feature of change is demand structure is fast upgrade. Accurate high speed is changed, intelligence is made flexible and good luck, compositive change, large and compound change, green is energy-saving change and the client is custom-built the development trend that changing requirement is industry of machine tool tool, because this is current,exhibition allows with ‘ innovation, intelligence, essence, professional ’ gives priority to a problem, do one’s best and in supplier of tool of high-end machine tool strengthens cooperation, seek an opportunity to raise level of tool of Chinese machine tool ceaselessly, in machine tool tool high-end domain realizes China to make. Introduction Liang Feng weighs general manager of head office of ” China machine tool.

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