The export inside project machine is measured ” big bumper harvest ” 3 bibcock absorb gold nearly 500 million yuan

Recently, branch of grab of association of industry of Chinese project machinery releases newest data to show, in May 2018 portion, the lead plane that brings into statistic makes an enterprise add up to sell product of of all kinds excavating machinery 19313, grow 71.3% compared to the same period, home market sales volume 17780, grow 69.6%; to speak sales volume compared to the same period 1523, grow 95.3%;2018 compared to the same period year January – added up to May sell product of of all kinds excavating machinery 105935, grow 60.2% compared to the same period, home market sales volume 98727, compared to the same period amplitude 57.7%; speaks sales volume 7172, grow 103.9% compared to the same period.

The personage inside course of study expresses, grab sales volume already achieved history of the corresponding period May new tall, and conclude according to the historical data that in recent years sales volume of grab of before 5 months holds annual proportion, this year annual grab sales volume also hopeful refresh record. Home market respect, need to pull inside benefit from benefit from move, the demand of the respect such as capital construction, estate, municipal project is durative better, prospective home sales volume continues to grow have determinism. On the other hand, no matter was May,only month still came January sales volume of accumulative total export was added May fast all home of remarkable prep above, maintain “ to advance triumphantly the condition of ” , show the competition ability of overseas of homebred project machine to promote ceaselessly, below the big setting that in global project machine the industry anabiosises, overlay “ is taken all the way institute of state of ” along the line accumulate contained market potential, hopeful lasts for infuse of industry whole development motivation.

In 2 class market, a the engineering is mechanical board piece near future performance is relatively outstanding, last week board piece accumulative total goes up achieve 3.05% , ” of a “ bright color is shown in callback prices of whole, specific in light of, accumulative total goes up during mansion class share even more 10% , be in board piece in to lead, machine of Liu Gong, 31 heavy industry, Xu project 3 a prep close behind ever since, go up all also achieve 3% above, in addition, anhui join forces, construction is mechanical, medium couplet heavy division 3 all also realize different level to rise last week.

Capital flows to a respect, last week board piece whole presents big only fund to flow into posture completely, among them bibcock ” of “ Matthew effect is remarkable, be evened more between 31 heavy time limit for a project favour of 400 million yuan of big only fund, suck golden ability be the champion, join forces of mansion class share, Anhui two during big only fund is flowed into completely all also achieve 10 million yuan of above, it is thirteen million seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred yuan respectively, ten million five hundred and three thousand four hundred yuan, afore-mentioned 3 suck gold to add up to last week 467 million yuan.

On outstanding achievement face, ” negotiable securities daily ” market research center discovers according to statistic of data of one quarterly reports, industry of 13 projects machinery appears on the market in the company, share 11 companies implementation of net first quarter gain grows compared to the same period, occupy than exceeding most probably, among them, couplet heavy division reports in period inside outstanding achievement amplitude achieves 300% above, and Xu project machine, hill turns 4 companies such as share, Liu Gong, 31 heavy industry profit of the net inside report period all also comes true to break up compared to the same period time, the profit of 3 companies net profit such as join forces of communication and liaison of trade of intelligence of the land of country, day, Anhui adds even more compared to the same period 30% , also achieved good performance.

Mechanical to the project board piece prospective investment is politic, shanghai negotiable securities expresses, in project machine sales volume of fast growth of industry company profit, grab maintains fast growth and terminal demand to anticipate turn to the ternary impetus that brings appraise to be worth promotion to fall, prospective engineering is mechanical board piece still have taller configuration value, enterprise of bibcock of lead plane of machine of project of proposal key attention controls a company with fluid.

From the point of orgnaization grade respect, share of force of machine of 31 heavy industry, Xu project, Nuo, Liu Gong, medium the near future of 5 mark such as ironwork line of business all is recommended by the orgnaization, its give inside nearly 30 days of 3 mark such as share of force of machine of 31 heavy industry, Xu project, Nuo among them “ buys ” or “ adds the orgnaization home that maintains ” grade number all is in 3 to reach above, prospective investment opportunity is gathered together by the orgnaization value.

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