The gap between home-made numerical control machine and imported machine tools

In machine tool industry, general nc machine tools based on number of shaft, under triaxial for low-grade, three to five axis for high-grade, more than five axis for high-end.For industrial production equipment of traditional and modern distinction logo is the traditional machine tool and numerical control machine tool, it has become the industry consensus.Machine tools stand-alone intelligent and automatic nc machine tool is the direction of the machine tool industry, its high precision, high, high speed, flexible, intelligent, is a sign of modern industry.Modern equipment is developing towards extreme manufacturing industry, it is more and more big, the second is more and more small, 3 it is more and more complex, highly integrated production process.China machine tool industry after several generations of struggle, only simple production belt machine 1600 units from 1949 to 2008 machine tool production reached 617000 units, to become the world’s third largest producer of machine tools, more than 60 years of development, great changes have taken place in China’s machine tool industry, but compared with foreign high-end machine tools, or some of the gap, as long as embodied in the following three aspects;First, the accuracy, stability, reliability, etc.Five-axis linkage CNC machine tools such as foreign products for 1500 h without fault, domestically produced about 1000 h, differ to a second, the numerical control system.Numerical control system is the core of the nc machine tools, Germany’s Siemens, liebherr and Japan mazar-e-sharif, ferrari, hold the highest form of CNC system, liebherr for 16 packages close to the machine tool numerical control system, software and machine tools together to sell, not sold separately, software profit is very high.At present domestic machine tool companies use high-grade machine tool numerical control system of the basic are imported.Third, the other key fittings gap.Dalian machine tool can be 95% to the international advanced level to match, but the remaining 5% is not an enterprise even an industry can do, including steel raw materials, standard parts, screws, nuts, etc., need to increase the overall level of the country’s industrial.In addition, process, testing is to reach the world advanced level.