The hand of numerical control lathe uses control

      Numerical control lathe moves an operation through the hand of Control Panel, achievable feed motion, main shaft rotates, bits of switch of cutting tool dislocation, cooling fluid, platoon implement open stop wait for a movement.
    One, feed motion operation

    Feed motion can be divided move feed for successive feed and dot. Both distinction is: Below type of hand movable mould, press coordinate feed bolts, feed component moves continuously, till till loose coordinate feed bolts; Condition is moved to fall in the dot, every press coordinate feed key, feed component is only mobile beforehand the distance of set.

     Feed operation includes successive, dot to use the option of means, the setting of feed, feed direction control.

     2, main shaft and cooling operation

    Below type of hand movable mould, can set main shaft rotate speed, the main shaft that start, invert and stop, cooling fluid leaves, close etc.

    3, the hand is moved change a knife

    Change the numerical control lathe of knife device automatically to having, can make tool carrier automatic through order injunction dislocation, also can move control tool carrier to change a knife through face plate hand.

    4, platoon bits implement control

    Press corresponding pushbutton can control a bit implement turning, invert and stop. Turning use at discharging bits, will discharge bits when scrap implement when card lives, usable invert come away.