The structure of numerical control lathe

   Numerical control lathe basically uses spare partses of pair of turn coming back to undertake turning, boring, auger cut, bore with a reamer is cut, the treatment of the working procedure such as tap. The cutting of the working procedure such as round cylinder of the general can automatic inside and outside that finish, taper seat, spherical, columnar whorl, chamfer and end panel is machined.

   Lathe of contemporary numerical control has X, Z the compensation function of position of the linkage function of two axes, cutting tool and radius of circular arc of point of a knife, and treatment secures circular function.


The structure of numerical control lathe


Brief introduction of lathe of 1. numerical control

   The composition of numerical control lathe: Face plate of tool carrier of system of numerical control system, lathe bed, main shaft, feed, circumgyrate, operation and support system.


  Cent of numerical control lathe is lathe of vertical numerical control and lathe of horizontal numerical control two sort.

  Lathe of vertical numerical control is used at circumgyrate diameter bigger dish treatment of kind of spare parts turning.

  Lathe of horizontal numerical control is used at axial dimension longer or small-sized dish of turning treatment of kind of spare parts.

  Lathe of horizontal numerical control can be divided further by the function for lathe of lathe of economy numerical control, ordinary numerical control and turning machining center

(Lathe of 1) economy numerical control: Use a pace to present electromotor and sheet piece opportunity is right what after the turning feed system of common lathe undertakes transforming, form is simple and easy model numerical control lathe. Cost is inferior, automation degree and function are poorer, turning treatment precision is not tall also, apply to the circumgyrate with not high demand kind the turning treatment of the spare parts. (If the graph is shown 1 times)   

Graph 1 Lathe of economy numerical control


(Lathe of 2) ordinary numerical control: According to turning treatment asks to undertake be designinged technically on the structure, the numerical control lathe that provide system of general numerical control and forms. Function of numerical control system is strong, automation degree and treatment precision are taller also, apply to general circumgyrate kind the turning treatment of the spare parts. Lathe of this kind of numerical control can control two reference axis at the same time, namely X axis and Z axis. (like the graph 2 are shown)

Graph 2 Lathe of ordinary numerical control


(3) turning machining center: On the foundation of lathe of ordinary numerical control, raised C axis and head, more advanced machine tool still contains knife library, controallable X, Z and C3 reference axis, linkage control axis can be (X, Z) , (X, C) or (Z, C) . Because raised C axis and milling head, the treatment function of lathe of this kind of numerical control increases greatly, it is OK to divide outside undertaking general turning, still can undertake line of radial and axial milling, curved surface milling, center is absent the Konghe of spare parts centre of turning circle is radial of aperture auger cut wait for treatment. (like the graph 3 are shown)

Graph 3 turning center

Chuck of 2. hydraulic pressure and hydraulic pressure rear push frame


   Hydraulic pressure chuck is the important accessory of workpiece of the clamp when numerical control turning is machined, to general circumgyrate kind the spare parts can use chuck of common hydraulic pressure; Be being placed to hold position to the spare parts is not cylindroid spare parts, need to use special chuck; The need when the makings that use a stick machines a spare parts directly uses bedspring chuck.

   Larger to the ratio of axial dimension and radial dimension part, the vivid tip that needs to use installation to go up in hydraulic pressure rear push frame undertakes propping up to spare parts tail end, ability assures to have proper treatment to the spare parts. Rear push frame has common hydraulic pressure rear push frame and but rear push frame of process designing hydraulic pressure.


The tool carrier of lathe of 3. numerical control


Numerical control lathe can deploy two kinds of tool carrier:

(1) special tool carrier is developed by lathe him manufacturer, uses knife handle also is appropriative. The advantage of this kind of tool carrier is production cost low, but devoid versatility.

(The general standard with proper basis of 2) general tool carrier (be like VDI, german engineer association) and manufacturing tool carrier, manufacturer of numerical control lathe can ask to undertake choosing configuration according to the function of numerical control lathe. (see a picture 4)

Graph 4 general tool carrier

4. milling head


  After milling head is being installed on tool carrier of numerical control lathe, can expand greatly the process capability of numerical control lathe. Be like: Use milling head to undertake axial bore and milling axial chamfer.

The cutting tool of lathe of 5. numerical control


   When spare parts of the turning on numerical control lathe or turning machining center, should mix according to the tool carrier structure of lathe the measure that can install cutting tool, the place that arranges cutting tool reasonably, scientificly to go up in tool carrier, notice to avoid cutting tool to be in still mix when the job, cutting tool and machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece and cutting tool mutual the interference phenomenon between.

If the commonly used cutting tool on numerical control lathe pursues 5, the graph is shown 6 times.

Graph 5 Cutting tool of numerical control lathe

Graph 6 Cutting tool of numerical control lathe