The Swiss lathe: small clock precision, delicate, precision fine “ghost”

At the museum of dong li machine, walked into the thousands of square meters underground layer of the exhibition hall, a stream of cold air mixed with thick oil pungent taste.The exhibits here is not carefully placed in glass cabinets, more not proud by hanging on the wall at a distance, but standing directly on the ground, like a heap of cold armor warrior, accept the review.Under the illuminate of lamplight, running from around the world, old, function of machine tool under the careful maintenance of master, with a metallic luster, show the mechanical strength, they said goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the workshop, complete the mission of a production, mottled fuselage also witnessed a country the level of industrial development, is the epitome of a piece of history and culture, in the large hall have been given a new life.Someone says, regardless of the size of a country, as long as the machine tool industry is strong, will revive its industry, strong comprehensive national strength.In today’s world, the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries of machine tool technology is the world first-class, the industry is more developed, also is today’s economic strength and technological power.Commendable is in these countries, Swiss in which small precision machine tools, means all the world for a long time, the superior quality, no one can replace.As is known to all, Switzerland is & other;Clock kingdoms & throughout;, from the 1587 Geneva watch production has more than 400 years, has been the world watch industry leader, its clock and watch parts processing, of course, inseparable from the clock machine.Along with the development of the watch industry, Switzerland began manufacturing precision instruments, small and medium-sized precision machine tools, with its variety, specialization is strong, new structure, variety complete, large in exports and has a long history and has accumulated rich experience, in terms of quality, particularly in terms of precision and accuracy stable enjoys a high reputation in the international market, even leading machine tool production countries such as America, Germany, Japan, is a long-term continuous imports Switzerland all kinds of precision machine tools.Someone said, no Swiss precision machine tool, the spacecraft is not on the day, it was not a bit exaggerated.Lathe can be traced back to the 18th century the earliest foreign clocks and watches, clocks and watches in lathe development history, we can feel the history of clocks and watches is the history of clocks and watches the lathe, especially for its clock and watch making lathe has experienced from manual operation to complete completely to use hands, simple to the development of the electrification of drive shaft rotation.Such as industry and historical reasons, although times have changed, clock parts processing professional CNC machine tools used in developing rapidly, but the clock lathe small volume, light weight (subject only 3 ~ 10 kilograms), the price is low and the watch industry enterprise and independent clocks and watches, so many clocks lathe to now has become a clock division and collector treasures.Therefore, in the machine tool of the museum’s exhibits, the number of machine tools from Switzerland, most also is give priority to with horological machine.& other;To do a good job, must first sharpen his & throughout;Tool for technicians, clocks and watches, means indispensable hardware, if without them, there is no repaired the watch, and in these tools, machine tool undoubtedly played the main role.While the first lathe was born of a clock which have already can’t prove that a year, but in Wang Fuxi machine in the museum, they can find different s clock lathe.Although drawn from the s have antique, modern, but they are not easy to show, but can still running, under the premise of no electricity in the past, watches and clocks use hand to shake the lathe, this completely manual manufacturing model made the traditional watch industry, also make the clock lathe to become the best witness of history.And these only at the Swiss watch museum can see the specific physical, is such a machine tool enthusiasts collection and open to the public for free, no doubt to watch aficionados understand clocks manufacturing processes provide the image of the teaching material.At the museum of machine tool, there is a small Swiss watch machine tool, is dedicated to the production and maintenance of the watch, it is also the curator & otherLove & throughout;.It is on the shelves of its own, in a delicate wooden cases, more than 200 spare parts are packed with orderly, milling and grinding accessories, can finish milling plane milling, slotting, dividing or groove, clock and watch gear and processed with cutter grinding inside and outside round, flat and small tool sharpening and so on, but small and exquisite precision in components that exists, even outside of the box are all original.Such machine specifications different, of course, the box size is different, also is different on the attachment, but due to its versatility is strong, especially suitable for the clock manufacture workshop, repair department, tools, workshop and independent clock division is used.Don’t look at the clock and watch machine & other;Figure & throughout;Delicate, have a history of more than 100 years, is a veritable & other;Old & throughout;.Master because of its unique function call it a nickname & other;Fine ghost & throughout;, it is unavoidable to associate “journey to the west” in pingdingshan though the budget stupid but a little cute little devil.So, this & other;Fine ghost & throughout;How is the sea of travelling to China?Well, would really dramatic.On March 26, 1955, was born in tianjin, China’s first watch fills a blank new China industrial construction, from then on, opened a Chinese national brand to the world of bumpy road, and golden, in turn, promote the development of the watch.From Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, yantai, dandong, xian, chongqing, dalian, suzhou, nanjing has been built nearly hundred table factory, such as to form the country a huge emerging industry.But because the watch industry in China is poorer, the basis of experts rely mainly on the former Soviet union and Germany technology, equipment support, and in 1960 the Soviet union experts removed later, once into the dilemma of production research and development.At 1961, the ministry of light industry received for the development of a new table flight of the people’s liberation army air force command, project code for 304.Time at the moment it has a version of the prototype, but failed to put into production for a variety of reasons.In the helpless, we got the Swiss Venus table factory was want to transfer 175 timer heart of production tools to raise the development machine heart 188!This is really a timely rain!So in many joint efforts of this batch of machine tool equipment purchased by project 304, and eventually the successful completion of the production tasks with good quality.& other;Fine ghost & throughout;As introduced to China in this period of precision machine tools, witnessed the great suffering of Chinese workers, unyielding struggle spirit, to watch the development of industry in our country has just made.In 2000, has quit the stage of production & other;Fine ghost & throughout;From the hands of a collector to Wang Fuxi museum of the machine tool, as a witness of the special times with, continue to show the charm of its industrial machinery, shine with the light of unique and delicate.(the original title: precise, delicate, precise & other;Fine ghost & throughout;& ndash;& ndash;Swiss lathe small clock) (source: sina (tianjin)