The United States 30 years behind east Asia machine tool management

The world’s largest economies of the United States trade surplus, is it really because a shift in the industry in the United States, from the so-called sunset industry transferred to sunrise industry?Actually otherwise, the industrial transfer and the trade deficit with China of one of the most important reason, is the management lags behind, especially behind east Asia nearly 30 years.Detroit auto manufacturing is now lost in the decline of a jittery, several major automobile manufacturers and components makers in the state of losses (according to the popular theory, the American auto industry should because the United States and otherKnowledge economy & throughout;, & otherThe new economy & throughout;Thoroughly remould oneself).Why is that?We extract a pro-american: sections of the newspaper articles & other;Because Detroit has been delayed for 21 years, then north American auto industry are faced with the problem is that the current problems & ndash;& ndash;James & middot;Womack, such as a batch of agglomeration of the Massachusetts institute of technology, experts in the research works of the cars of the future “pointed out: in the north American and European auto industry now completely rely on technology and thierry Henry & middot;Ford used by way of mass production is poor little, no ability and the Japanese car company and these technologies, new ideas and new ways to develop a set of competition.Throughout the &;Ford institutions in Europe and the United States also marking time, and Japanese enterprises and a large number of east Asian enterprises have already carried out the management revolution.Above is the status of the American auto industry.And the shipbuilding industry in the United States, we know that the United States at the beginning of the last century, specially formulated the Jones act to protect the shipbuilding industry in the United States, in fact, americans for the shipbuilding industry is also very seriously, but also really face up to their production efficiency than east shipbuilding enterprise is low many facts, but poor countless management of energy in the United States, the United States people just can’t really see, with a lot of the secrets of the Oriental culture advanced shipbuilding mode, more than 20 years also don’t have much effect, cause almost dominated in the shipbuilding industry in east Asia.Automobile manufacture and ship manufacturing behind is a miniature of the American management, on behalf of the American manufacturing management level generally behind the east.The United States of nc machine tool industry is also very seriously, a five-axis machine tool exports to China, muscle American politicians will big shout shout loudly, and America’s machine tool manufacturing fell to fifth in the world, only by the United States itself strong technical reserves can only account for the world’s fifth.America’s CPU can lead in the industry, obtains the monopoly, or because the CPU vendor actually being suppressed by political means as a result, otherwise, American manufacturing is almost to crop failures.(the original title: American machine tool management 30 years behind east Asia) (source: yueyang network)