This big nicety will appear on the market 3 turn the automatic lathe of tower knife stage

Japan this the shift of main shaft workbench that big nice development went compound process capability to get rising automatic lathe ” ST-38 ” , will begin to be a center to undertake selling in the whole world with Euramerican market from June 2010 (graph) . New product deployed 3 to turn tower knife stage, can control independently respectively. Can pass turn a variety of tools that install on tower knife stage, the cutting that has the different sort such as turning, bore and milling at the same time works, shorten thereby handling time. In basically be being used at machining medical treatment, car and aircraft industry domain, use, the complex form part that through the difficult cutting such as titanium material makes. Deploy turn tower knife stage has two is the front treatment is special, one is rear treatment special. Openly treatment appropriative turns tower knife stage clips workbench of openly main shaft to configure advanced face and interior, because the side before this can control 3 axes, inside can control two axes. Rear treatment appropriative turns tower knife stage also can control double axis. Turn the face of tower knife stage (installation tool cover) number all is 10. Rear side and openly side are same, also can have compound treatment. Besides use many turn outside tower knife stage, still be shorten handling time and used a name to be ” Star Motion Control System ” control means. Its method is choose beforehand and be close to (approach work) the tool that the next in workpiece cutting process uses, in make the tool is retreated from inside workpiece while, control workpiece enters the cutting of next tool, shorten thereby blame cutting time. Pass these improvement, handling time will shorten more on average than before 7 % , the biggest shorten 17 % . If will machine a diameter the biggest if enlarging 38mm, still can support the work with thicker diameter. Belong to in shift of main shaft workbench automatic lathe ” the biggest treatment diameter ” (this big nicety) . The price is 30.66 million yen (contain tax) .